Human Rights Channel – 2014 Year in Review

Those detaining us here
don’t know anything about humanity We are not getting any help
from the Kenyan or the Somali governments We are refugees
we have committed no crime Go away! Why? Go away! Let me go! I was brutally and savagely assaulted when the police and colectivos of Aragua repressed our peaceful protest ISIS blocked the roads,
we can’t go back home And now that shelling
has begun Our lands, homes, and shops
are worth nothing Killed for no reason We want answers! We’ve been together
since we left Mali Now we are here in Melilla Bro, that’s live bullets We are not intending to
fight the police We don’t fight back We’re not scared of the police He was aiming at us with a gun We asked him why,
we didn’t have any guns One of them was wearing a mask He came down,
and started shooting to the air He knelt down
and started shooting us


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