“Human Rights as a Western Plaything”

“Bugger off to another place, if you don’t like ‘our’ values!” This phrase is now common practise among opinion leaders and politicians.. They are critized for this strong laguage. I would say: they are not strong enough. What does one say after a terrorist attack.. ..or after brutal violence against freedom of speech or freedom of press? People, opinion leaders, politicians in the West often say: “We have to stand firm to defend our freedoms, our liberal values” Sometimes stronger words are used. In my own country, The Netherlands, the major of Rotterdam, Achmed Aboutaleb, told religious fanatics: “If you don’t like it here: Bugger off!” “If you don’t believe in ‘our’ freedoms, take a direct flight to Saudie Arabia.” “Maybe they appreciate your views there!” A lot of other politicians are doing the same. “Brass off” – “Piss off” – “If you don’t like it here – go elsewhere!” Other politicians and opinionleaders critize this. “Thats not proper language! You can not say that! Thats not friendly!” No, no, its not friendly. And maybe its better not to swear, yes.. ..at the other hand, you can question if language with proper nuances.. and disclaimers grab the attention of the persons involved. Anyhow, I find this whole debate about ‘tone’ and using strong language a but childish, a waste of time. Lets focus on the message itself. Cause what does opinion leaders and politicians mean when they talk about ‘our’ values.. ..and ‘our’ free way of living? Yes, freedom of speech, of press, of religion or leaving religion is important.. Equal rights of men and women, of straight and gay are fundamental. But are those rights ‘our’ rights? No, these rights are fundamental rights for everyone. ..written down in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. They ought to protect every civilian on earth, not only in the West. Everywhere! A lot of people in the West will say: “Yes, but thats hypothetical” “At the end of the day the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is an invention of the West.” “Its not part of the way of thinking of other parts of the world” They say.. Its remarkable that dictators and religious extremists fully agree with this line of thought. They, too, will say that individual freedom is imposed by Western Imperialism. Probably they are pretty thankful that some people in the West are supportive to this spin. People who are not thankful for this are the many brave Human Rights Activists where freedom is under siege. People who try to protect women, not because their rights are ‘Western’ rights, but plain Human Rights. Others are fighting to protect Freedom of Speech, the right to get proper education.. ..freedom of religion and apostacy.. Their drive is coming from an autonomous desire for freedom. They are not helped by dwarfing Human Rights to merely a Western plaything. People who say that extremists should ‘brass off’ to other parts of the world are sissies. Its not strong speech, its weak speech. Those who don’t respect individual freedom are not welcome anywhere.. Not in the West, East, North or South. I wish you many free thoughts.


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