Human Rights and Persons with Disabilities – The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission

1 in 5 of us in Northern Ireland
has a disability of some kind. Sometimes we can all see the disability
sometimes it’s not so obvious. What matters is that we see the person
A person who just happens to have a disability A person who like everyone else
wants the chance to live with fairness, with dignity and with respect.
A person who wants to be treated equally with every other person
A person with Human Rights Human Rights need to be promoted and protected
The rights of persons with disabilities needs special protection
That’s why the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities
was drawn up and agreed to by the UK Government. What does it mean
for persons with a disability in practical terms?
It means for example, that a person cannot be turned down for a
job just because they have a disability
It means that everyone should have easy access to taxis and public transport
It means that everyone gets the opportunity to join in social and community activities
It means that when someone needs information, it is in a form that they can access.
What the Convention really means is that everyone, the Assembly,
public bodies and lawmakers now have to take account
of what the Convention says about the rights of persons with disabilities
In how we provide services In how we design our buildings
In how we communicate our messages In how we plan our events and activities
so that everyone gets the opportunity to live life to the best of their ability
The Northern Ireland Human Rights Commission and the Equality Commission for NI
have a role to play in helping people understand
more about the Convention so that they can demand their rights
including challenging the law We monitor progress
on how well public bodies and government are taking account of the Convention
And we report back to the UN on progress The Convention is the first human rights treaty
of the 21st Century And is a major step forward
in helping to ensure that the rights of persons with a disability
are promoted and protected

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