Hugh Grant Says He Was Plain Wrong About Marriage And Children | Paul Friedman

Hi, my name is Paul Friedman. I’m the
founder of The Marriage Foundation and I’m here to tell you that Hugh Grant was
plain wrong about his views on marriage and children. This is an article about
him and about his new awakening his awareness. I’m going to give you an
interesting view into this because I’ve seen this many times and I use something
when I’m working with couples when I used to work with couples. I use
something from men and this is really only for men because women are already
connected to their heart. You know that especially if you’re a woman. Women are
connected to their heart, they are the heart. If not for emotions, they would be
floating all the time. Men aren’t biologically, it’s set up that way. Now
look, it’s not universal of course there’s some men who are very loving,
compassionate, they come from the heart but not normal. Hugh is a normal guy,
what happened to him, I’m speculating here, but I bet you anything what
happened to him was, one day, he walked into his kid’s room. Saw one sleeping and
just his heart just opening up anyway Wow, felt this love and I use this with
men all the time. I go look, “I know you don’t understand love but think about
when you have seen your children asleep and your heart opens up.” Why? They’re not
going, “Daddy, daddy I love you,” and yet you feel this unbelievable love and it’s
overwhelming and we all know what I’m talking about.
Wow, why? What is this? I’ll tell you what it is, that was a setup.
What it is, is that we don’t experience love from others. Our mind is able to
detect it and it tells us, “Oh, this is a good thing.” They got us a gift, they said
something complimentary, they looked at us in a way that
showed they really appreciate us. The mind is interpreting all of these things
but the heart can’t feel it because the mind is set up based on kind of fear,
survival because of the bodies that we have so in order to experience love, not
just the manifestations and the indicators, we need to give it. And so
when we see a child especially that is ours laying there, it stimulates us to
express love in feeling and pow! Big hint, isn’t it and this is what I
teach in The Marriage Foundations in my books, it’s in the courses that the only
way you can experience love, real love is by giving it and I’ll bet you anything
that’s exactly what happened to you anyway. Wow, and then he knew this is what
marriage and children can be all about. I mean he already has all the things he’ll
ever need but love is beyond its transcendent, it’s something that we need
as souls and the best place to get it is in a marriage. There’s another best place
to get it and that is on a very lofty spiritual path so you might say that
marriage is the ultimate spiritual path for the rest of us so there you have it.
I hope you enjoyed his article, it’s brief and I hope you enjoyed this. Blessings to
you, blessings to your family, blessings to your spouse and like this little
video. Share it, let other people see it. I think there’s interesting stuff in it I
helped you do too, and if you’re having any difficulties in your marriage, write
to one of our counselors, it’s free. God bless!

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