How Will The Earth End?

Scientists often say that within five to
ten billion years the world will come to an end but how exactly will that happen
it’s pretty hard to imagine our entire planet and all human life not existing
well according to scientists there are four ways the earth will actually end
today we’re going to look at those four ways and find out the most likely way
the world will end I’m Charlie and today we’re going to
look at how the world will end but before it does why not subscribe and
press the notification bell – so the first way the world will end is human
extinction when it comes to the end of the world there are FINA many
predictions just take the Mayan calendar saying the world will end in 2012 some
scientists even say a supervolcano may take us out or a big asteroid but
remember these are all predictions however the extinction of humans is not
just a prediction it’s an inevitability look at the news and you’ll see many
headlines saying we have too many people on earth after all we have 7.5 billion
people so where will humans go but remember humans have only been around
for under 1 million years that is in our current form slowly over hundreds of
thousands of years humans will change and as the earth changes different
species die out we often see this with animals but barely ever think of it with
us so that’s why many scientists say that within millions of years humans
won’t be around any longer we already have a rapidly changing planet with
limited resources for example nucular chemical or biological weapons are all
things which could take us out and there’s also many natural pressures we
face for example diseases so whether it’s a supervolcano or an asteroid or
something more natural like a disease humans will be wiped out that will be
the end of the world for humans but just because we’re not on it doesn’t mean our
earth isn’t there so let’s look at another way the world will end and that
is boiling oceans that’s right the Earth’s oceans boiling many people don’t
realize this but it’s a massive coincidence our planet is at the
distance it is from a star exactly as massive as our own this allows our
planet to support life and of course allows our planet to have water which is
very uncommon for other planets in our solar system
for billions of years the earth and the Sun have been totally compatible but as
time goes on the Sun will have massive changes and thanks to the evolution of
our Sun our oceans won’t be around for much longer
right now helium is building up in the Sun’s core this is the area of the Sun
where nuclear fusion occurs and as this expands it will have terrible
consequences for our planet the Sun is heating up at all times expanding and
emitting more power and scientists say that in about 1 billion years the Sun
will be giving off so much energy that we won’t be able to handle it and
scientists say that within a few million years the sun’s temperature will get too
hot for planet Earth this high energy will hit the water molecules in the
Earth’s oceans and this will effectively boil our oceans as that happens our
atmospheres will fill with water vapor but not like the kind you get from vape
pens instead this will be a very dangerous greenhouse gas causing the
earth’s temperature to rise earth will then be more like Venus and of course
this means it will be totally inhospitable to any life-form at all
next up we have a reduction to Rock reduction to rock sounds like an awesome
band but it isn’t it’s actually one of the ways our world will end scientists
say that eventually every atom of our atmosphere will be ejected from planet
Earth and the entire world surface will be reduced to rock and char – every
living creature and plant will be turned to dust you may think this sounds like
science fiction but this really did happen to a planet in our solar system
mercury mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and in around 5 billion years
that’s what will happen to Earth you see the Sun is running out of hydrogen fuel
in its core and when that happens the cool will heat up and fuse helium you
may think of helium as the chemical which allows you to speak in a high
voice kind of like this but inside the Sun it will release more energy than
ever before this will turn the Sun from its current state to a gigantic burning
red star and sadly little old earth won’t be able to withstand this and will
perish in around 5 billion years the Sun will be a hundred times its current
diameter and thousands of times brighter than it is today this will mean every
atom will be pushed out of our atmosphere
earth and planets which are already close to the Sun like Mercury and Venus
will be totally destroyed after earth has been roasted by the Sun the Sun will
reduce to being a white dwarf star but that’s not before it destroys our entire
planet as well as Mercury and Venus and the final fourth way the earth will end
is we will be swallowed or rejected so even after all life is gone our oceans
are boiled and the earth is just a charred Chris it will still exist it
will be a really hot planet with no life orbiting around a central stellar corpse
that is until the final way our earth will be totally wiped out forever and it
will either be swallowed or rejected basically one of the following three
things will happen either an object will collide with Earth destroying it or
engulfing it this depends on the size and speed of the collision this could
happen at any time as the universe literally goes on forever
that is until a googol amount of years google is an incredibly large number
it’s one digit followed by a hundred zeros many scientists say this is the
estimated time for the heat death of our universe another way our earth could be
totally wiped out is gravity ejecting it from our solar system and then
eventually the galaxy entirely this would basically shoot our earth into an
empty cosmos for eternity or perhaps it will be engulfed by these Suns corpse
and then eventually the sun’s corpse as well as the Earth’s corpse would be
swallowed by a black dwarf star so there we go that’s how earth will end of
course Earth and the galaxy will eventually come to an end as everything
does but make sure you live life to the fullest now because you don’t currently
have to worry about it our ancestors millions or billions of years in the
future we’ll learn so if you’re watching this from the future then sorry we had
it easy but now it’s time to make your opinion heard how do you think the world
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