How to Stop Caring What People Think of You

People give so many fucks about what other
people think that they’re basically giving away all their fucks for free! People brag about their lives on social media
like it’s their job. Young kids and old people too. You ever seen what old people post on facebook? It goes from flexing what YOU have, to flexing
what your kids are doing and how great they are because you’ve gotten too old and fat
to be able to flex what you’re doing. So then you resort to flexing and taking credit
for what your kids do… oh jeez gimme a break! How does that even make sense bro? It’s one thing to be proud and happy of
what your kids are doing, but I swear some of these psycho parents on facebook just love
the “look how great my kids are” pissing contest that they do with all their other
facebook friends. Like Jesus christ who cares? Why don’t you just give all that attention
and time on your actual kid telling them how great they are and building some real self
esteem instead of writing essays about it on facebook? Now i know i just went on a whole rant about
old people and parents but I want the focus of this video to be for the younger crowd,
since you guys are the ones who watch these videos
When i was in high school, the biggest realization and positive change i had was realizing that
the opinions of other people truly didn’t matter. And that brings me to my first point. #1 Just ask yourself… WHY
Why do you care about what other people think of you? What do you hope to gain from it? What are you currently gaining from it? And is the cost of your happiness and sanity
worth it? #2 Have a solid foundation of confidence and
“Love” for yourself. If you don’t like yourself, then you’re
gonna judge your worth on the opinions of other people. And how are you gonna convince other people
to like you, if you’re not even convinced you like yourself. When you create a solid sense of self worth,
it won’t be influenced by other people, no matter what they say. #3 Realize this: You can’t control other
people’s opinions of you. You don’t want to become your own PR agent
and be forced to make yourself look good at all times. Even if you do everything in your power, someone
will just decide they don’t like you, for no logical reason… you really wanna waste
your life trying to impress some dude you don’t care about?? WHY BRO. IT’S STUPID
No matter what you do, somebody will not like you, so you might as well do whatever the
fuck you want. It’s your life. Say what you feel. Do what you want. Wear what you want. Be who you want. It’s simple as fuck bro. OH wait dammit, I just said the word fuck. Now youtube’s gonna demonetize this video. Well, no worries, thanks to our longtime homies,
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that much. If a group of people see you wearing or doing
some weird shit on the street they’ll think you’re a weirdo for 2 seconds then as soon
as they look the other way you’ve disappeared from their mind forever. They will literally never think
of you again. You’re basically dead in their mind. You don’t even exist. So why the fuck do you care what they think
of you? This goes for if you do something awesome
as well. You occupy one sentence of a thought in their
head. They think to themselves, “That was kinda
dope.” then they go back to thinking about whatever porn they were watching earlier,
or what girl they’re trying to bang, or whatever else is going on in their life. People have their own lives too. They’re too busy and have too much shit
going on with themselves that they’re not gonna spend time thinking about you all day. #5 Stop being self-centered. You’re not the center of the universe bro. Every thought and feeling you have, 8 billion
other people have probably had those same thoughts and feelings too. This idea that you’re so special that you
can’t have even one person think negatively about you is really stupid and selfish. Thinking that people are worried about you
all the time and always thinking about you is selfish, unproductive, and oh did I mention,
it makes you a huge douche bro. Instead of focusing all this attention on
how you can look good in front of other people, why not focus on DOING good for other people
for once, or doing good for yourself. You’ll feel way better and it’ll make
your life way better, too. #6 Regardless of how you feel, don’t make
decisions based on what other people think. This is the hardest part, but the most important
part. This is the real life shit bro. If you make your decisions based on what other
people think, then you’re living your life for other people. They’re gonna go about their day and live
their life and forget about you, but YOU are the one who has to live with the decisions
you make. You might as well like those decisions and
be the one making them! And that my friends is it. You’re officially ready to put these tips
into practice and start living life for yourself instead of for other people. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to
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