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We are back at GNA university! We have had a wonderful discussion about some domain specific, industry specific, question and concerns of the students here at GNA university. And I think its now time for some more general, some more broad questions to be answered about life in general, about interpersonal skills, about leadership and so on and so forth. So I believe you’ve the next question today Would you please stand up and share your question… Good afternoon sir. My name is Prabhjeet Kaur. And my question is how to stay positive with negative people? How to stay positive among negative people? Thank you Prabhjeet! How many other students have the same question? Raise you hands please! My God! Everyone! You are gonna face the problem. All the positive people are sitting in this room. So you shouldn’t be asking this question to me. You should be asking this question to everyone else. How to stay positive among negative people? Okay! Negative people are doing there job when they are being negative. Yes or no? They are playing their role. They are doing their part. And they are doing it well. If they are able to upset you, irritate you. That means they are doing a fantastic job at what they should be doing. Right? Question is Are you? Why should I spend all my energy on changing these people? Will the world entirely always be a 100% positive? Will the succeed in that mission? Entire population; 100% positive. Is that ever been happened? What can I do? I can offer good example. Yes or no? I am offer, I can be a good example. The good example of being a positive person, optimistic person. A good example of being who I am. Now please let’s not underestimate the force of negative people. Sometimes you’re in your perfect positive thing. You see they were not born this way. Nobody was born one fine day 1st of January saying I just took that as an example so 1st January guys don’t be offended. Nobody was born one fine day and they made a commitment, they made a decision that I am going to be the most negative person on this planet. Somethings happened along the way. Right? They are hurting, they have grudges against life, against you. They are comparing. And in those comparisons they feel; they are weaker. Luck didn’t favor them, life didn’t favor them, their parents didn’t give them the best, or the world is always against them or something like that. They got to take it out on someone. They want to convince you to come and be part of their club. Birds of the same feather, flock together. People of the same thinking usually attracted together. So yes, there’s gonna be a clash. There’s gonna be a clash of energies. This person will say “Let’s do it.” This person will say “Hold on, hold on. It’s not that easy. Have you thought about this? Have you thought about that? It’s not always bad. Sometimes they help you to put hings into prospective. So, why labels please. That’s one of the things that I would say to you in dealing with negative people. If I deal an individual, no one is negative 100% of the time. No one is positive 100% of the time. We all have our dark sides, we all have our nicer sides Okay! So avoid labels. If I label some as negative all the time my reaction to that individual is going to be that frame of reference. I’ll say okay run here’s a negative person. You don’t even give a chance to that person to be positive. People live up to the expectations that you gave them. So, it’s joint work, it’s collaboration in dealing with this situation. You should also give them some scope of changing and then at the same time; don’t let their energy don’t let their energy affect you. Okay! Don’t try to change them. The worst thing you can go and do with a negative person is to tell them 10 times in a day “Why are you so negative?” What’s wrong with you? Why are you so negative? Try doing that wear a helmet. Wear a helmet and go up to a negative person and ask them 10 times in a day “Why are you so negative all the time?” It’s not gonna help. It’s not gonna help. So, don’t spend all your energy on converting them instead try using all your energy in protecting yourself. Protecting your vibrations. The best gift ladies and gentlemen or m young friends; boys and girls, the best gift you can give in today’s world is the gift of your own positive vibrations. It is the biggest treasure. You know world that is becoming increasingly pessimistic, increasingly negative The best gift you can ever give is a gift of your own positive emotions. So fill up time to refuel yourself. Find your own joy to find your own happiness. So that then you’re able to deal with not negative people. I will not label them but negative situations. There are no negative people. There are negative situations. And if you hold on to your positive things yes, some people, some of them, they predominantly most of the time most of the time, they tend to be negative. Predominantly by enlarge, their response usually lean to be towards a negative side. But if you hold on to, if you put in the same efforts in who you’re You’ll be able to sail it through. So its going to be a clash of energy. The final test is who’s energy will win. If you allow a negative energy to overpower you and that will happen. Okay! You’re human. That will happen. You will feel irritated, you will feel angry, you will feel upset, You will go and even have an argument. But allow that to be a learning process. Allow it to be a learning process. Which means what? Today I have engaged with this negative energy tomorrow I am just going to take a different street. Imagine you’ve certain way to come to GNA university and there are 5 or 6 options And you know on one particular path every day there is something some problem waiting for you. What would be the wiser thing to do? Pick a different time, pick a different route to come to work. Right? And then in the long run, work being a good example So you’re able to take care of this. Always! World needs more positive people. We are not positive all of the time but positive most of the time. You must be one of them. We must be. It’s our duty, it’s our obligation. Thank you for asking that question.


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