– Hi, I’m Mari Takahashi. – I am Olivia Sui. – BOTH: We are not
the same person. – We’re tired
of people confusing us. – But instead of getting mad,
we’re here to help. – By giving you guys
the simple dos and don’ts for… – BOTH: How to not
piss off Asian people. – First,
let’s talk about greetings. – You might not know
how to pronounce our names. – So, do just ask. – It’s weird for everyone
when you try and say our names
and then butcher them. – So, is it Olivia Soo-wai,
[buzzer] or Soo-wee,
[buzzer] or, uh, Soo-eye?
[buzzer] – Sui.
[ding] – Oh. – Okay, so, Mari Te-catch-a-he. – Close. Ta-ka-ha-shi.
It’s phonetic. – Well,
you said it was Japanese. – Zjhoon. Zhjay-woonah? Juh-zjuhn-joon. – No, it’s John. – What?
We have the same name! Am I Asian? Aw, I knew I was Asian!
Dude! Wha-ah! Dude, Jared!
I’m Asian, man! – Don’t fetishize Asian women.
Don’t call it “Yellow Fever.” – Yeah, why does it
have to be a disease? There is nothing sexy
about diseases. – What about…
[sexily]: Malaria. – Hmm,
I guess diseases are sexy. [sexily]: Chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease. Emphysema. Gonorrhea. – Nope. – Don’t pander to us. – And don’t try to one-up
our Asian-ness. – Oh, that’s right.
You’re Japanese. – Yeah! – Oh my God,
I went to Japan once. – Oh, no way! – Yes. – My uncle, he actually– – And I love anime, like,
so much. Like, oh my God, like,
こんにちは! (konnichiwa) [giggles] Like, the best, right? – Mm-hmm. – Anyways,
さようなら. (sayonara) – Do know that there are
a lot more countries in Asia other than,
China, Japan, Korea. – For example, India,
right, Monica? – Huh? [plop] – On that note,
don’t assume that we’re all from
the same country either. – Not all Asians
are the same. – You’d actually probably
really like my friend. – Oh?
– Yeah, she’s Korean. I mean, you might even
know her already. – I don’t know
every Asian person. – Her name’s Sarah Kim.
– Oh. I do know her. – And? – I like her. – Oh. – If you’re making a movie
about Asian people, don’t cast a white person
to play an Asian. – Cast me. – Or me! – Or me!
[crash] – OLIVIA: Please leave. – Uh-uh.
– Why? But I, you know, I can
こんにちは, I can do it. [mumbling] All right. Cool. Bye! – Bye, forever. – Don’t assume
we’re all good at math. – Yeah, that’s stereotyping. – 18% of half of $51 is–
– $4.59. [ding]
Damn it! – Don’t assume
we all know karate. – Yeah, that’s stereotyping.
[grunts] Ow, ow, ow. – What was that? – I thought the karate’s
inside me. – What? No! You have math.
We get one! – What do you have? – A sh*t ton of cute
backpacks! [kawaii music]
[girl speaking Japanese] – That’s a lot of dopes. – Yeah, do you think
it sounds too negative? – Maybe,
and we’re generalizing a lot, which is the exact thing
we don’t want people to do. – Right, so I guess
if you want to not piss off Asian people,
don’t be an asshole. – Or like, overall,
don’t be an asshole. – BOTH:
Don’t be an asshole. [kawaii music]
– GIRL: Hey! – COURTNEY: Wow, I love
this video. And Asians! Hey, if you want to watch
“One Letter Off Kids Shows,” tap that box on the left. Or if you want to see
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