How to Draw the Human Body : Drawing the Human Face & Hands in Correct Proportions

Hi my name is Alaina, and I’m speaking on
behalf of Expert Village. And I’m going to be showing you a few tips on art. Once
you start having the proportions of your body fall into place the top half of your arms
and the top half of your legs are going to be bigger than the bottom half of your arms
and the bottom half of your legs always. So their not divided in half which a lot of people
tend to do. Your hands also are going to be about the size of your face, so if you measure
out the hand it’s going to be roughly the size of the face that you have on your drawing
and you’ve got to measure it obviously it depends on the person, how big the hand is
can vary depending on the person you draw. Now your feet are actually going to be the
size of your entire head, so measure the feet to approximately the size of the head, roughly
that can vary as well.


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