How to Draw the Human Body : Adding Color to a Drawing of the Human Form

Hi my name is Alaina, and I’m speaking on
behalf of Expert Village. And I’m going to be giving you some tips on art today. When
you’re doing a human form, if you want to start filling in with colors so any kind of
paint. This is water color that I started here you want to start with the basic form
drawing the form first and once you have her basic shape in you don’t want to do any
shading in pencil you want to do it all in your paint. So you want to start with, find
out where the light source is coming from, in my picture right here it’s coming from
her side. So when it looks down on it, her darkest parts are going to be on the opposite
side of where the light source is. So that’s where I want to start painting first. I want
to start with the darkest parts and fill in where the darkest parts on her body are and
then start shading over and make it look lighter and lighter as I come closer to where the
light source is shining on her body.

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