How Science is Weaponized to Depopulate Humanity

ten billion dollars over the next ten
years to make it the year of the vaccines what does that mean exactly
well over this decade we believe unbelievable progress can be made both
inventing new vaccines and making sure they get out to all the children who
need them the benefits are in terms of reducing sickness reducing the
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how this propaganda on overpopulation is
being pushed on the masses when the truth is something totally different
then it meets the eye & how these elite families who bankrolled the whole
eugenics movement and exported it to Nazi Germany were responsible for the
horrors that took place in Nazi Germany they reinvented eugenics under the name
of population control and carried on the same agenda after world war ii under
another name this video I’m basically going to expose deliberate methods on
how the global elite are intentionally reducing and culling the human
population and it sounds really strange and kind of out there but when you start
to look into a lot of this material and you can clearly see once we reach a
certain point as to how they want to take the whole population to a really
really low number somewhere around 1 or 2 billion and that won’t be achievable
through just sterilization and everything I told you in the population
control video but they need many more methods and so we find many more methods
when we do the research on how they’re intentionally killing and culling people
I’m going to touch on the subjects in the video but I’m not going to go into
great detail into them because each of these subjects can receive like as and
other content from me just standing alone so I’m just going to give you dots
which you can connect because it’s only when we see the dots and the strands and
we put them together can we understand how the whole picture is playing out
when it comes to the subject so I recommend I’ll be putting links in the
show notes I’ll be putting links to books in the show notes if you want to
take a deeper dive on any of the subjects that I’m bringing up here you
can go and check them out and do your own research so let’s start with
vaccines you must have heard over and over again that
vaccines are safe and effective but if you actually sit to think
about it and do the research they aren’t safe or effective in order to establish
safety in the pharmaceutical industry the pills that are manufactured they
need to go through randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trials
which is the gold standard of scientific evidence wherein you can actually make out
if something is causing the problem that’s attributed to it or it’s just
associated with it and most people don’t know this but for vaccines this
randomized double-blind trials and ever done and the study timeframes are very
short some studies range from one week to a
couple months and even then there are a lot of tricks built into the study wherein the
people who land up dropping out of the study get excluded from the data and
those people could have dropped out because of some injury that happened to
them because of the vaccines and without these trials there’s just no way to know
what impact the vaccine is having on the people who the trial is administered to
because even in the control group meaning the group that is being compared
in the studies most of the studies they are given some other vaccine which never
received a trial to begin with so if you trace back all these vaccines most
of them have never had a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial and they
get away with this by classifying vaccine as biologics which exempt them
from this category and it’s considered morally unethical by the World Health
Organization in its guidelines for scientists conducting studies to have
a *placebo* because it would be depriving them of medical help which is
established to be safe but it’s not established to be safe the whole
thing is based on assumptions and even on the effectiveness of vaccines they
don’t in the studies they don’t test the end outcome
meaning they don’t do these long term studies and see that okay we’ll give one
bunch of people this vaccine we’ll not give a bunch of people this vaccine and
then we will follow them over time and see
test the end results of the study according to the disease parameters
instead they test it according to the antibodies that are manufactured but
the antibodies don’t necessarily confer immunity to the disease they’re just one
small aspect of the immune reaction and this is why if you see the data when all
these pandemics break out in countries majority of the people who receive the
vaccines who have even received up to three or four shots of those vaccines land up
developing the disease which shows that they aren’t safe and effective and again
this is not a deep dive into vaccine I’m just giving you the bullet head points
but I’ll be putting a lot of stuff down in the links below for you to go and research for yourself now let’s start with
taking a look at India and how this problem comes into India Im going to
give you cases of deaths which have happened because of vaccines and then
explain my view on them so measles rubella vaccine let’s give the initial
scare after Gujarat and Punjab nowadays has lost children to vaccination in
several of the school children have fallen sick in these districts school
administrations and also scared to organise such lives at the government
has sought help from the name the vaccination drive was launched in UK on
January 26 and the same day several cases of children falling sick were
reported from various parts of the state when panful sought admission of hundred
school going children in hospitals Shahjahan
who reported 30 cases the team would carry 22 that’s it a trial of HPV
vaccine that’s a go to a part of the human papillomavirus vaccine that has
raised an alarm about the nature of research in India the value attached by
the state to the lives of its citizens the trials being conducted in Andhra
Pradesh and Gujarat by the NGO path which support with support from the
Indian Council of medical results and local health authorities they were
funded by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation I’m going to tell you a lot
about the the Gates Foundation so keep this in
mind the vaccine is supplied by two companies mouth and GlaxoSmithKline when
the government stopped the trial sea doses it already will administer to
30,000 participants mostly tribal girls is between 9 and 14 the Union Health
Minister has denied the vaccines that’s what’ll do anything replies and as
things stand there is no conclusive evidence of a causal link between
vaccine and the deaths but the fact of the girls were part of the trial is even
after warden for the investigation keep this in mind I’m going to tell you how
they get away with these deaths by claiming them to be coincidental here’s
another one are some states underreporting printable and vaccine
deaths here’s another one infant that’s doubled
after getting better with vaccines MVPD study here’s a study on the correlation
between NP F P which is twice as deadly form of polio which was polio frequency
in India vaccine induced by his response to action says study over 4.9 lakh
persons in India develop paralysis between two thousand two thousand
seventeen because of the oral polio vaccine says leading doctor and to
reputed hospitals here Jacob Polly L a
pediatrician at st. Stephen’s Hospital and a school of course claim their study
has shown that frequency of first polio administration is directly or indirectly
related to incidence of NP F P well this is a spike in week of Bill Gates polio
vaccination effort in India and you can see you can I’m going to tell you a
bunch of articles on this polio vaccine causing a twice as deadly form of polio
and you can go and read these articles heres another one polio vaccine now
the number one cause of polio paralysis Bill Gates polio vaccine program cost
forty seven thousand five hundred for cases of paralysis and there and here’s
how they basically mold the minds of people to accept these vaccines by
picking up people in Bollywood to basically do the PR for them and
Bill Gates actually hailed Amitabh Bachchan is a real-life hero because of
his efforts in convincing people to get the polio vaccine in India
and here’s Amitabh bachan thanking Bill Gates for acknowledgment in his polio
eradication efforts and Amitabh Bachan is actually a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador
and the government hired him previously I mean it’s reported that he wasn’t paid
but you never know and he did the ad for the oral polio vaccines
which got a lot of people to go and get the vaccine here you can see the
press release on Amitabh bachan launches new polio campaign from unicefs website & Id like to read you two excerpts from this book In 2012 the indigent of medical ethics
published an article that document so horrific consequences of Indian ongoing
polio vaccine the author’s need to assist and the affiliate of the
department of pediatrics at st. Stephen’s Hospital where India has been
polio free for you know there has been a huge increase in nonpolar acute flaccid
paralysis in 2011 there are an extra 47,000 found
and new cases of NP DFP clinically indistinguishable from for your
paralysis but twice as deadly the incidence of NBA P will be proportion to
the jaghana Chatterjee suffered an adverse reaction to vaccination in 1979
which may have sparked his interest in vaccine research and activism in 2014
the Indian dissociate published an article on his website title India’s
polio free status is a future part of the nuke was demonstrated in the
response of health officials to the problems with viral shedding from
recently vaccinated individuals and subsequent paralysis and disease
outbreaks Chatterjee commented because those vaccinated tend to share the virus
in their stool it can mutate into a violent form causing paralytic polio in
others even leading to polio epidemics when this phenomenon was noticed and
recorded back in they were asked in a number of the statistics Jannetty site
shown below B that should be the cause for great concern the national police
surveillance project data so the eradication program has increased
paralysis among children from thousands and five cases nearly nine in 1996
60,000 nine new cases and here is the big how they get away with all this and
how most of the deaths that are caused by vaccines don’t get reported we
do monitor deaths we monitor adverse events says government on debts after
vaccination and this is really de video if a child is admitted to a hospital
with interactive conversions after vaccination if it survives the reason
could be classified as vaccine product related but if it dies it will be
classified as a coincident with this underlying or emerging condition or
condition caused by something other than the vaccine on classifiable the author
is decouple yell a pediatrician and member of the National Technical
Advisory Group on Immunization a non infer que and aggregate a member of the
all-india drug Action Network the larger issue
that the authors raised the global one this era there is a problem with the WHS
velocity on post vaccination since WH er changes classification of AAPI adverse
events following immunization they have asked the whe two divides the
classification is there from the authors analysis the WH OHS new classification
and definitions in glider know that can result from vaccination and if any death
occurs it is coincidental and not due to the vaccine this is a minute they’re
getting away with murder and they’re classifying it as if that the vaccine
ever had anything to do with it there but they never did the study is to
establish that vaccines are causally safe we are following the WHS guidelines
precisely then the immuno is normal children
that’s where the college side effects will be almost zero so obviously then
there are any effects on their immunization parents will be worried
saying that the child will normal to begin with this adverse reaction doesn’t
mean with the problem if the vaccine all and we stopped immunization
people will not know that nearly we have to build public confidence in other
words we have to do people were getting this vaccine said this and here’s some
data on how vaccine manufacturers are influencing the Indian Academy of
Pediatrics a vaccine may cause influencing country’s immunization plan
a key operation of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics as races issues of funding
and conflict of interest in an open letter to the President the Association
one of the biggest of Pediatrics pediatrician
is heavily dependent on funding from vaccine manufacturers he has pointed out
the Indian Academy of Pediatrics actually gives the schedule which
private practitioners implement and the schedule is much much much larger I think
they have like 27 or 28 vaccines compared to the government’s vaccine
program which has like five overall on vaccines if you want to take a deep
dive into the subject I’ve recommend some books down below but you can check
out this brilliant article by thrivemovement which i think is a really good source for
information on a lot of different subjects you can go to the site and you can
basically research for years I think and this is a in-depth summary of the
whole vaccine problem which is written in 2015 and again here are some global numbers on vaccines and infant
deaths so you can see the countries which are receiving the lowest number of
vaccines and the infant mortality rates compared to when the number of vaccines that are
administered start to get higher and the effect on infant mortality rates again
this is not causative evidence but the thing we need to establish causative
evidence which are randomized control trials are never done on any vaccine
also when it comes to information about vaccines in India I recommend you to go
to this page decode vaccines at where in a bunch of activists and
informed parents in India along with the person I mentioned earlier Jagannath Chatterjee
have done a great job in putting together resources that can help you
gain a better understanding of this If youre living in India and you can also go here and check out the writeups that have been done by Jagannath Chatterjee look this
is not just about children they eventually going to come after adults as
well because they want to go after every segment of the population whether its children adults or elderly
people and of course you just saw the innumerable cases I showed you about
vaccines killing people but it is about killing people is also making a lot of
people’s immune system so damaged that they land up becoming guinea pigs for big
pharmaceutical companies who manufacture these vaccines and the pharmaceutical companies basically have like a guaranteed supply
of damaged people who will keep coming back to them because of the illnesses
and injuries that take place as a result of vaccines currently if you are
surprised by how big the vaccine schedule is in certain places like America where they
receive over 60 vaccines in the formative years of their life there are
currently about 350 vaccines in the pipeline which are going to be coming
down soon in 2017 one of the great vaccine Sciences of our time Peter Beck
who is responsible for promoting Beck’s because all the third world decided to
do is study we’ve been demanding to have done in America forever which stayed
that versus unpack study he had a program in Guinea Bissau Africa that had
given DTP vaccine to children 3 to 6 months all over getting this out because
that the way they did the age groups you didn’t mean that improve your one
day off get into the vaccine also the difficulty of traveling the country and
getting to all the different groups he realized 30 years ago and I did this
program I actually have half the kids that got vaccinated and a half that did
not I mean perfect control group and I’m the ability to finally ask the question
always safer when we vaccinate specifically to the DTP vaccine when he
discovered when comparing the two Bruce DTP was associated with a five fold
higher mortality than being unvaccinated all currently available evidence
suggests that DTP vaccine may kill more children from other causes than it saves
diphtheria tetanus or pertussis in fact it was fivefold when given at the same
time as the oral polio vaccine but when was just given by itself ten times the
rate of death and children than those that did not receive the vaccine we know
for a fact DPT I mean DTP kills we are currently trying
to sue UNICEF and we were putting them forward to look at the international
Criminal Court to say you are killing children II know you’ve submitted to the
UH to whi out to UNICEF this is illegal what you’re doing globally he now
promotes GMOs and the vaccines collection he calls the solution for the
world case has been recorded explaining this solution is actually to cut the
world’s population the world today has 6.8 billion people that’s headed up to
about nine billion now if we do a really great job we could lower that by perhaps
ten or fifteen percent the density in the poor areas is greater than they can
grow the food we benefits air in terms of reducing the population growth the
only like things that reduce the population those the site prison planet
the ones that they realize people 1988 the UN World Health Organisation
publishes its Phase one clinical trial of a birth control vaccine it created
through a partnership called the Task Force on vaccines for fertility
regulation it also included the unfpa and the World Bank the trial adds the
pregnancy hormone HCG to the tetanus toxoid vaccine causing the female body
to attack its own pregnancy hormones effectively keeping women from getting
pregnant and aborting those who already are in 1995 it was found these vaccines
had been given to Philippine women without their knowledge and acha women
in Thailand were forced to take them in order to get ID cards for their children. Now on the subject of GMOs just like Vaccines there are a lot of myths and misinformation which most people to swallow regarding GMOs
some of these can be again just like vaccines there are no long-term safety
studies done in a randomized double-blind controlled fashion wherein
they give one group of people GMOs they dont give one group of people GMOs and then they follow them for a long time to see how it manifests in terms of disease and the studies have been very short-term and
even in the short term Studies on in the animal studies theres clear signs
of organ damage of kidney and liver damage of immune system problems and
many other things another common myth is that GMOs genetic engineering and
genetic modification is the same as crossbreeding that we’ve been doing for
a long time on the planet and that’s just not
true in the realm of genetic modification they can take a DNA from
the same species which they’re trying to engineer like corn so they’ll take
another gene from the corn and insert it in the con they’re trying to make or you
can even take the gene from another bacteria and other animal and insert it
in there and these insertions aren’t like a fixed zero-sum game wherein
there’s a genome and you insert a specific gene in the genome whether its to build pesticide tolerance or whether its to deter insects and these insertions have unintended mutations and
consequences across the entire genome and even now with developments like CRISPR editing consequences of the insertion still exist and it’s not
foolproof also there’s a myth that GMOs reduce
pesticide use but as you can see in this article genetic engineering was sold as
a means to reduce someone besides in the chemicals being used but the reality is
quite opposite J coops have increase the use of pesticides mostly because of
herbicide tolerant crops designed to survive huge amounts of herbicide as
weeds have developed resistance farmers of course he was ever great amounts of
chemical mixtures research by dr. Charles man who shows that because of GE
crops we have create 7% more pesticides then we would have done had the same
acres been planted with nan Jie that amounts to 400 million pounds of
additional pesticide use and you can see some of the other myths addressed in this
article here another main one that’s commonly touted by a lot of people is
that GMOs are needed to solve world hunger when these genetically engineered crops
aren’t really designed to increase yields the yields that increase are a
result of the background genetics of the crop which happens as a result of the
crossbreeding whereas the genes are inserted are mostly for deterring pests
and making the crop withstand pests better also on the GMO issue in
India I recommend you check out the work of
Colin todhunter who’s done brilliant reporting on the whole history of the
GMO problem in India and reported consistently and he mainly covers it
with an Indian focus so you guys will surely gain a lot of value from his blog
and also the GMOs have been implicated in the rising Indian farmer suicides and
you can see these two RT articles and gain a better understanding of that from there
This GMO issue also comes up if you remember my Agenda 21 video wherein I show you how
the Environment Minister Anil Dave had a very suspicious death and someone
filed the case in court and allege that it was actually multinational
corporations who are putting pressure on this guy to approved the GMO then he was
against & that was one of the reasons why he didnt die of a heart attack but again thats speculation. Just like the Vaccine PR was done by Amitabh Bachchan in the case of
GMOs nama patekar did the PR and now even
government scientists acknowledge bt cotton to be a failure in india after all these years
bombshell email is even more alarming when investigative journalist anthony
Guccione questioned a senior GMO executive on shocking evidence the
genetically modified foods cause infertility here’s how he responded if
this causes infertility awesome the world is overpopulated this is why GMO
is actually saving the planet I am doing humanity a fucking favor
sincerely edy questions are now being asked on Monsanto buying a firm that’s
injected a permanent infertility gene into corn the corporation’s name is
epicyte epicyte patented a product patented a gene which causes both men
and women who eat it in the form of any product to produce antibodies rendering
them irreversibly sterile now dupont and Monsanto formed a joint venture
purchased the epicyte firm and quote commercialized the epicyte gene do you
want to know if the food that you’re eating contains the epicyte gene the FDA
the fraud and death administration has made sure that under current laws it is
illegal for you to have that information BT cotton has been promoted as something
which actually solves the problems of the Indian farmers who are cultivating
cotton who are in a crisis something which comes as this is trust upon the
farmers has a solution starts creating more problems and there are many places
where bt cotton is actually not suitable for cultivation bt cotton seed companies
on the seed packets they say that this is suitable both for irrigated and
non-irrigated conditions so this is basically deception of the farmers and
the third thing is that they actually spend huge amounts of money on
advertising so if you look at this particular advertisement this doesn’t
even come across as an advertisement it comes across as a news article in fact
you know the journalists of Times of India which is the largest newspaper
what taken on a paid trip by Monsanto to these villages asked them to take the
photographs make this into an article and then it is published paid by
Monsanto the only thing which gives any clue is a very small print here which is
a consumer connect initiative and there’s no name of Monsanto my co
mentioned anywhere here well Monsanto has addressed the issue of
Indian farmers suicide on its website and they cite many studies that point to
the the failure of the economic system not being able to provide reliable
credit for farmers for the problem that Indian farmers don’t have access to
irrigation equipment or water to irrigate they also blame the the weather
the droughts any type of condition that it would make it more difficult for
farmers to grow their crops but what they refused to admit and what is so
obvious is that because they have deprived farmers of the choice of which
cotton to grow they are forcing farmers who cannot irrigate to grow a crop that
requires irrigation for success they attend a grotto in Buddhism Jodhpur do
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I’m dannika bonus a creditable dog named techit record Oh now since some have suggested that
pesticide use has actually increased because of GMOs let’s turn our attention to
pesticides as a tool for depopulation in and of themselves and see if they have
any effect as you can see you in this article says diarrhea exposure to
pesticides the detrimental effect on sperm count
a recent cross-sectional study involving 189 young man found that those who
consume fruits and vegetables with high pesticide residues at significantly
lower sperm counts come back to man and produced residues animal studies
indicate that pesticides in pairs for matter genesis by promoting oxidative
stress disrupting hormonal pathways and including sperm DNA damage while
individual phytochemicals in fruit and vegetables have been found to receive
quality that worse effects of consuming pesticide residues on products may
produce me out potentially also if you remember my previous video that I did on
depopulation I showed you how Paul Ehrlich actually advocated adding
sterility drugs to the water and he also spoke about endocrine disrupting
chemicals so here’s how endocrine disrupting chemicals actually affect
sperm quality and reproductive health in addition to pesticides a handful of
other endocrine the softening chemicals have been associated with BPA the
liquidus estrogen a chemical found in plastics receipts and food packaging
that result in reading sperm counts while often promoted as a safe
alternative to BPA containing plastics bpa-free alternatives may be equally
harmful to the male reproductive system in animal research the BPA substitute
bisphenol s has been in found to induce apoptosis of germ cells ultimately
reducing germ cell counts Dallas a class of chemicals found in vinhai’ plastic
and personal care products lower sperm counts by comparing enzymes involved in
spermatogenesis polygons it will be spinners bipedal so
persistent environmental pollutants reduce number of mobile power finally
men with lavender alkaline acids VFW’s a type of
chemical found in nonstick cookware and water repellent X rated significantly
reduce numbers of comets come from betterment we have a levels suggesting
that PFW is disrupt spermatogenesis in orders for morphology and these are you
like like it says the BPA’s are actually found in store receipts out of everywhere else
and your skin is like the entry point into your body one of the entry points into your body other than your mouth which can easily let in things into your
bloodstream and absorb them also this problem with plastics wouldn’t be as bad
if the government hadn’t banned hemp and cannabis in general a century ago
because hemp plastics also have a lot of use they’re biodegradable and hemp itself can be used in a lot of different ways that would benefit the environment in general depopulation which is used by the elite
is something known as chemtrails or theyre also referred to as geoengineering or
solar radiation management now this is largely considered even in the research
circles that Im involved in as a conspiracy theory by a lot of people but
there is quite a lot of evidence to suggest that governments especially
Western governments are engaging in this form of action where they’re spraying
chemicals from the sky in an effort to increase heavy metal toxicity in the
ground land in the water supplies and eventually in humans it itself you can
find documents going back to this to the nineteen fifties and sixties wherein
they spoke about human caused climate change and global warming and they spoke
about how there could be a need for using chemicals and spraying chemicals
in the sky in an effort to block the Sun and reduce the warming of the planet
and it’s not really inconceivable to think that they would do something like
this because there’s a whole history of covert government involvement in covertly
experimenting on people by spraying different things in the air theres a whole history of this which you can go and research theres also a documentary
which I highly recommend you go & checkout some good evidence in there on testing the
particles and testing the air from a recently passed plane which was spraying and
you can go check that documentary out this stuff is going to be coming into
developing countries in India soon as you can see in this article they’re
saying developing country must lead on solar geoengineering research and even
CIA director xci director John Brennan spoke about this conspiracy theory
apparently technologies often referred to
collectively as geoengineering that potentially could help reverse the
warming effects of global climate change one that has gained my personal
attention is stratospheric aerosol injection or si I a method of seeding
the stratosphere with particles that can help reflect the sun’s heat in much the
same way that volcanic eruptions do on the geopolitical side the technologies
potential to alter weather patterns and benefit certain regions of the world at
the expense of other regions could trigger sharp opposition by some nations. Though most people get perplexed thinking of the number of people that needs to be involved to carry out something like this & the funding for programs like this but I mean those two things can easily be
explained by compartmentalization in these organizations wherein its not like everyone is in on something but people
have compartmentalized knowledge on the actions they’re taking and how much they
know about the larger agenda also the funding of these things can easily be sorted by black
budget programs wherein alot of the tax money
just goes into classified programs and people don’t have any information on them in
the name of national security you also remember from my Agenda 21 video that our ex environmental minister who I also mentioned in the GMO case also spoke about HAARP
manipulating the weather and using focused electromagnetic energy to heat
up the ionosphere and even he spoke about it in the Rajya Sabha so a lot of
people have informed speculation that these HAARP type devices are being used
all over the world in order to amplify the effect of the chemtrails and use them
in weather modification aerosol geoengineering looks like it is so cheap
that the cost is basically not going to be an issue that means that
implementation cessation so we risk to risk decisions but I think the more we
do research the less easy this will look the more complicated the environmental
effects will look and that’s a good thing because right now it looks too
easy so I think that if we do more research we’re likely to find out that
it’s harder and more complicated we thought and the side effects are harder
to manage and by the way it’s not really a moral hazard it’s more like to be
writing on our grandkids and by the way it’s not really a moral hazard it’s more
like free riding on our grandkids if you want to look in deeper into this Ive put
in resources like I will for all the subjects that Im mentioning but a few people I would recommend would be Peter A Kirby and his
book on chemtrails and its innumerable articles on the subject on activist
post Sophia small storm and a documentary on chemtrails and the new
Manhattan Project and Elana Freeland and her books on this subject
they really informative and they give you a very good idea about what’s going
on covertly when it comes to geoengineering and weather modification
through man now we come to the subject of EMF or electromagnetic frequencies
which I have long been considered by the mainstream scientific community to be
benign as they assume that these low frequency waves don’t have enough energy
to actually cause DNA damage but it’s now come to be known that
the damage isn’t happening as a direct result of the EMF but there’s an
underlying mechanism which is taking place that is causing oxidative stress
and doing the damage so basically there are these channels outside each of your
cells most of your cells in certain parts of the body called voltage gated
calcium channels and when they are exposed to electromagnetic radiation they open up
and there is a chemical cascade that follows where in a lot of million
calcium ions enter the cell and then the certain reactions that take place and
are very damaging free radicals called the peri oxynitride is formed and this
also results in hydroxyl free radicals being formed and all of these free
radicals together combined do deadly damage to DNA and mitochondrial DNA as
well and if you see the studies on this most of the studies that are industry funded
don’t show a cause of concern when it comes to EMFs but studies that are
independently funded predominantly show that EMFs have something to do with harm
to the body and we should really be concerned with the coming rollout of 5g
because 5g is going to use something called millimeter waves which are really
high frequency waves that have been shown to they’ve actually be used by
certain Governments especially the US government in dispersing protestors and
people who go to protests there have been cases where this millimeter wave
technology has been fired at them and it’s like the skin is on fire
so of course 5g is not going to be transmitting at that high of a frequency
where that effect takes place but the the infrastructure would be laid out in such
a way that if a government wants to do so then it has the capability to do that
and also the skin has been shown to be an antenna in a in a scientific paper
that I’m showing you now and all of this fits into why we should be concerned
about this seriously and stop the 5g rollout that’s coming because it has
serious consequences to health and there have also been certain cases when these
fields have been shown to manipulate emotions
we’re in different frequencies have been exhibited to induce the different
emotional states of rage and anger and depression in people when these when
they’re targeted with these frequencies engineered wars too have been used by the
elite as a method of reducing the population the global elite were
responsible in funding both sides in World War one and World War two and they
have engineered many false flags all over the world like the Gulf of Tonkin
incident that was used to invade Vietnam the biggest case of this being 9/11
which was engineered by this same network in order to have an excuse to go and invade the Middle East and topple all the regime with that America
went on to topple after 9/11 and if you just research what happened in Libya or
what happened in Syria what’s happened in these countries they’ve been utterly
destroyed in the name of delivering democracy to them and they’ve used really
shady tactics like funding terrorist groups directly and all kinds of
different psychological manipulation tactics in order to convince people that
theyre actually fighting the bad guys whereas theyve been responsible all along for
funding the bad guys and then they use that as an excuse to go and enter these
countries and destroy them we can also see this with Albert Pike who was a 33rd
degree freemason who wrote this letter talking about the three world wars that
were going to take place and how they were going to be administered by the agentur of the illuminati and a lot of people say
this letter is fake but if it is fake I can tell you whoever faked it did a
really good job accurately at describing the events that have taken place and the
coming World War three that is being fermented right now by the same people
theres also a famous document known as Operation Northwoods
which was first Declassified and exposed in James Bamfords book the body of Secrets
where it talks about how all the top brass of the US military actually agreed to stage a fake attack in America and use that as an excuse to go
on and invade Cuba so there have been examples of this in history
decade after decade after decade and you will be
shocked by what you find out and finally we come to the most
controversial subject of all which is the subject of diet
let me read out something that has a significant impact on film quality
consumption of a Western diet high in processed sugar Laden foods is
associated with the decreased sperm concentration and abnormal sperm
morphology for the men who regularly consume soy a common food in the Western
bag have decreased this effect may be degree and became disrupting impact with
SIA isoflavones of the rail mainly productive system soil isoflavone soy
has Isoflavones, soy has isothiocyanates which can impact the thyroid gland and increase iodine
needs so soy in general can also increase your requirement for vitamin D and
vitamin A which are really important for fertility and that brings me to the
subject of veganism in general and I know a lot of Vegans & Vegetarians are
watching this & I’m not doing this to demonize or come down on any of you guys
for your dietary choices I think everyone should at least put a conscious effort in
deciding what they’re putting in their mouth and whether vegan or keto or carnivore, wherever youre coming from Im glad youre bringing consciousness into your food but we we also have to be streetsmart and realise that the elite can use social engineering and diets in
order to gauge a certain result from the population and I after all the work Ive
done looking into diet and nutrition I’m pretty convinced that veganism in
general is the diet that the elite are promoting because it is very effective
in being nutrient deficient especially if you’re eating junk food vegan
processed diet and even if you’re eating a whole food plant-based diet there are
certain key nutrients that we just can’t get from plants there’s no b12 in the
plants which is really important for your body and different processes
specially in the neurology of your brain and there are certain myths that plant
foods certain plant foods can meet b12 requirements but theyre
actually b12 analogs that increase your need for b12 along with that vitamin A and vitamin D are
really really critical for fertility and vitamin A deficiency can do a lot to directly hamper a
child’s growth and fertility and the growth of its organs and many other
things and you can read these articles that im showing you here to take a deeper dive into vitamins & the role they play in general but a vegan diet is
not going to give you any vitamin A which is Retinol I’m not talking about
beta-carotene which is the plant form but im talking about retinol and it’s not going to give you any
vitamin D either and when it comes to beta carotene around half the population
cant properly convert beta-carotene into vitamin A so I really think that
and that’s based on your genetics so it’s better to be safe and include some animal
foods unless you’re doing your testing of genetic snips and seeing where you stand when it comes to the conversion of a lot of these compounds omega-3 is also critical for brain development and the
development of a child and these are essentially critically lacking from a
vegan diet vegan diets only have the plant form of ala which again based on your
genetic snips the convertibility usable DHA and EPA differs in the population
and there are so many important things in animal foods that you dont get in plants like creatine carnitine
carnosine taurine there are some of the elements that you might be missing out
if youre doing a vegan diet and you’re not conscious about these things also it
might say on the label of these vegan foods that okay you’re having pumpkin seeds
so it has this much zinc but these plants generally do not want to be eaten that’s
why the engage in chemical warfare & they develop antinutrients to deter people
from eating them and these anti nutrients are things like phytic acid
oxalates lectins and goitrogenic compounds and many different things that
plants use in an effort to deter people from eating them and
phytic acid and oxalate actually bind to these minerals and don’t let your body
absorb them so this is why it might say spinach has this much amount of calcium
but all of the calcium is calcium oxalate which is not really going to be
absorbed by our body and the oxalate is actually in fact gonna damage your body
in many different ways so I’d encourage you to take a deeper look at this if you
are a vegan and consider the impacts and specially if you are trying to conceive
a child please be on the safer side and be responsible instead of you know just
naively thinking that a vegan diet can meet all of their needs because of simple
anecdotal evidence and we can also see this with the slurry of people in the
mainstream and establishment pushing a vegan diet all these Hollywood
celebrities coming out and saying they are Vegan all these documenting is that
are funded by insider characters like DiCaprio when it comes to cowspiracy and
theres this whole systemic push to make people in the mainstream go vegan and
this also ties in with those climate change things the climate change hoax
in general which is why you see a lot of vegan activism coincide with climate
activism here’s a riddle what do good girl singer Carrie Underwood and Anne
Hathaway Mike Tyson Natalie Portman Russell Simmons Betty White
Russell Brand Lea Michele and Ellen have in common yeah they’re all vegan former
Vice President Al Gore yep Gore’s gone vegan
Al Gore consider perhaps the biggest crusader against global warming ever
since his movie An Inconvenient Truth Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates now
funding businesses that are developing alternatives to meet Mayo and eggs
former President Bill Clinton has adopted a plant-based diet the start of
his researching plant products that can replace meat
impossible foods garnered media attention after receiving massive
investments from Bill Gates and Hong Kong tycoon because shame we’re not here
for small change we’re interested in very large ambitious change to transform
the food system the main push behind this is to basically get people of the
land through agenda21 which is why they want to tax meat & they want to ban people’s
ability to raise livestock so that they can be brutal and moved off the land more easily and packed
into smart cities and also all the things I told you about vegan diets
making it much more likely for you to have nutrient deficiencies and landing
up with problems is a tool that I think they use it some other factors that land
up disrupting sperm quality and reproductive health would be blue light
exposure and the disruption of our circadian rhythms as it’s been showing
that sleep deprivation and exposure to blue light can at night can have a
adverse impact on your sperm quality so it’s always good to wear blue light
blocking glasses or use a filter at night like this one and also other factors
would be the tremendous amount of antidepressants and SSRIs that are given
to children now and SSRIs have also been shown to have an adverse impact on
fertility engineered poverty is another main issue because as I explained to you in
how the financial system works the system is engineered to create
manufactured poverty and manufactured scarcity which is driving a lot of
people homeless and it’s causing them to commit suicide consumption of alcohol
and excessive consumption of cannabis as well has been shown to impact sperm
quality if you started to dig into this and started research on who are the characters
and people who are involved behind pushing these various things society you
will invariably come across the Rockefeller Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates
foundation which are like soul mates and partners in in a team to push all of
these different things on the population and it’s not surprising when you look
bill gates’ background and his family’s background in eugenics his father was
actually the head of Planned Parenthood and I’ve already spoken to you about how
the Rockefeller Foundation has been involved in literally funding and
bank ruling the whole eugenics movement and the forceful sterilization and
elimination of those deemed inferior and I’d like to show you this is as well
recently our prime minister narendra modi was meeting with psychopathic genocidal
maniac who’s been responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent people
through his engineered wars all around the world and that’s Henry Kissinger. Henry Kissinger also wrote memorandum 200 in 1976 I think from 1971 not sure about the
specific year but in the document he spoke about how overpopulation in the
third world is a threat to US national security and that America should do
something to reduce the population in the third world by overt or covert means
and Modi was meeting with this guy and calling him like a steward of
international policy and diplomacy but he is anything but it’s a simple
question what did you mean by depopulation you should have been the
priority of u.s. foreign policy against the third world shame me I’m not wanted
for mass more than different countries I’m like you sir all the millions all
the dictators all over throws what I’ve Done here is laid out dots and if you’re
hard skeptic kind of person you you might be able to dismiss all this as
coincidence but it’s only when you activate your right brain and you can
see connections between all these different things and you can see how
they fit together to form the whole picture will this makes sense you and will
you be able to do something with this information also the last pillar of this
and all of this is tying in together in the current context in the present day
is the whole climate change hoax subject now whether you think that humans are
actually causing climate change or whether we’re not causing climate change by greenhouse
gases wherever you stand on that I’m not here to debate the science though I have
my own opinion & I think that we are not really responsible for climate change
but I think people who even believe in human caused climate change need to
understand that the elite are using our good intentions and are using our urge to
save the planet and they’re steering that whole thing in a way that they want
to engineer Society and I’m saying this because they’ve literally demonize the
gas of life which is co2 and they want to implement global carbon taxes and they
want to take away all of our freedoms in the name of saving the planet so
basically how this ties in to population control is that we are being made to think now that children are a burden on the planet and that not having children
is the single best effective way to reduce global warming University in Sweden says the single
best way to cut your carbon footprint assuming you want to it’s simply to
refuse to reproduce deleting some humans from existence if they say seems far
more carbon then I don’t know being vegetarian riding a bike to work not
boarding an airplane there is a study that says well actually if we reduce
global fertility by half a child per woman okay that you could maybe do that
it would go a long way but it would reduce like a big chunk of quarter to a
fifth to a quarter of all carbon emissions needed to avoid that tipping
point in the course to reduce global warming children according to some are
the new culprits a think-tank in the UK says too many kids are what’s making
planet worse saying large families anything over two children really should
be frowned upon as an environmental no no Liz gentlemen the battle against
climate change is surely the most defining and pivotal challenge of our
times we cannot ignore the symptoms and should act now to restore the health of
the planet before it is too late this of course will require
unprecedented transformation of our communities and societies and lifestyles
all predicated on the move to a low-carbon and circular economy getting
rid of fossil fuel it’s not gonna solve the problem fast enough so I think your
next campaign slogan has to be this we got to start eating babies we don’t have
enough time there’s too much co2 all of you your you know your pollutant too
much co2 we have to start now please you are so great I’m so happy that you
really support a nuclear deal but it’s not enough you know even if you would
bomb Russia we still have too many people too much pollution so we have to
get rid of the babies that’s a big problem to stopping honey baby decided
not we need to eat the babies it’s actually being proposed now that
cannibalism may be a solution to climate change if humans start eating other
humans there’s a strand of this secret society web called the round table eventually gave birth to an organization called the Club of Rome and that was mainly
created to engineer and manipulate the whole environmental movement to serve the agenda of
the elite and this is a quote from one of their publications the common enemy of humanity
is man in searching for a new enemy to unite us we came up with the idea that
pollution the set of global warming water shortages famines and the like
would fit the bill all these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is
only through change attitudes and behavior that they can be overcome
the real enemy then is humanity itself there’s another one from dr. Phil oilman
and insider Maury strong this is the only hope for the planet that the
industrialized civilizations collapse is indeed our responsibility to bring that
about you can know more about Maurice Strong’s background by watching a
documentary called Why big oil conquered the world by one of my favorite researchers James Corbett and he has a whole section on how
climate change is being used by the elite to take over control of society
and to bring in agenda 21 agenda 2030 the agenda of the United Nations to create
a world government and dominate the whole planet so all of this is really
depressing and makes us feel like what can we even do about all of this so I’m
not gonna end this video on this note and I’m actually gonna give you some
solutions that you can use to detoxify your body and to avoid these things that
might impair fertility the first thing I’d recommend to you is please check out
this interview between dr. Mercola & Dr Bryan Walsh and Dr Bryan Walsh has actually put together
an evidence-based detoxification program based on the scientific
literature and hes reviewed over 300 studies in order to put together a
really effective detoxification program that up regulates your body’s
detoxification pathways and is based on fasting and sauna use and elimination
in general and I’ve used this myself in the last one year and I’ve found this to
be really effective in reducing the heavy metal levels in my own blood other
solutions that recommend to you would be to avoid soy and please if you’re vegan
consider thinking of other factors that I told you about in that
segments try eating as organic as possible because pesticides have been
shown to affect sperm quality and reproductive health
try not touching store receipts and don’t buy canned food limit their consumption
and try swapping food containers with glass try avoiding toxic skincare
products because of the phthalates that they use in them swap your nonstick cookware for
cast iron cookware because the PFAAs have also been shown to impair sperm
quality optimizes circadian rhythms by using blue light blockers by swapping
your CFLs and LEDs with incandescent light bulbs which again governments
around the world are out to ban them as well in the name of energy-saving
the other one that I found really useful try red light therapy and this means that
this is referring to infrared saunas and these infrared saunas have been shown to
raise testosterone which actually benefit sperm quality and I use one
myself and if you can’t afford one then I’d recommend go out and get some
sunlight because 40% of sunlight is near-infrared and that helps with energy
levels as well and consider trying different alternatives for depression if
you if you were anyone around you suppose through depression and try not
using SSRIs and consider alternatives and there are many if you actually got
into the research and try decreasing your use of alcohol and marijuana other
factors of course make an informed choice on vaccines research vaccine
yourself dont just trust your doctor blindly and take an educated call for yourself
after looking at the evidence avoid GMO foods because the risks that I discussed
you cant really avoid chemtrails but if and when it comes to India let’s do
something to actually hold the authorities accountable for what is going on in our
skies mainly EMFs are becoming a critical factor in sperm quality and reproductive
health so please switch off your Wi-Fi at night
put your phone in airplane when it’s not being used try to do everything you
can to mitigate EMFs because trust me most people think that its pseudoscience and it
doesn’t make a difference but it’s actually causing a lot of harm to people all over the world if you
found value in this video please share it with your friends and help others to
awaken to the information so that we can do something about it and thank you so
much for watching take care bye


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