How People Rush B

So I’ve been playing csgo for quite a while now And I’ve met a lot of people from many different countries. And what I noticed was they have their own way of handling things They aim shoot throw grenades and perform various tasks in their own way But the most noticeable is they have their own way of Rushing B. So in this video, I’m gonna show off how people from different countries Rush B We have a problem. what is it? how are we gonna rush? It’s just the two of us here Don’t worry, my friend. I have a solution Baguette Marchelo! What is it? What you doing? Holding a pistol. Marchelo, that’s not how you hold the pistol. What do you mean? This is how you hold the pistol. Come a look at Marchelo Look I’m sorry, man. I don’t know what happened – we did not mean to rush like that. You know, I sincerely Apologize. stop right there. You should not apologize. It’s actually my fault. I shouldn’t even be here. No, no, no here Just just take my gun . No, you take my gun. No, no here. Just take the Bomb Just take the bomb. no, you take a bigger bomb. Wow, is this your car man? Yep. Holy shit looks amazing. Oh, it has the quad exhaust. It’s so loud. Probably. Oh When it has a red leather interior, I’m so happy for you man good job. It’s so cool. Wait, but what is that? What is that on the ground? Oh, it’s just an oil leak. I’ll fix it. Later Okay, it should be fixed pretty easily then I was Wait What’d you say This was? I told you just an oil leak. Oh Shit


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