How I Met Noel Clarke – Brotherhood Director

I’m so glad to have got the interview with
Noel Clarke and that he spent the time to do it with me. Yeah not everything went perfectly. The second
camera that I was using I didn’t adjust the white balance so it actually came out really
read and had a lot of grain. Once upon a time i’d be really kicking myself
that the footage didn’t come out right. The main thing is that I got the interview
and the things that he’d said will hopefully be helpful to anybody else who wants to pursue
that career or maybe even a different career because some of the keys to success I think
they are transferable. How the interview with Noel came about is
someone actually emailed me, I will link her channel down below.
She was asking tips and questions about how to get into the film industry
and I said to her to be honest I don’t know myself, but I will find someone who does the
idea was that I want to get a director. I happened to be going to Sainsbury’s,
I happened to see Noel Clarke. “So we met in Sainsbury’s”
“She was chatting me up in Sainsbury’s!” Obviously speaking to someone when the shopping
isn’t the ideal situation but I gave him a card and I said to him I would love to interview
him and that I’d be in touch. When he tweeted back saying he respects or
liked my hustle. I thought they could be a chance to get this interview and then from
there I found out who would be representing that film, got in contact with the lady asked
for an interview. These things take so much time as well. Are
used to work at a radio station by the way BBC Radio 1 & 1xtra. So I contacted some people from there to see
whether they were doing any press on the film brotherhood and they were able to invite me
to the press screening. I knew that no one would be there but I wasn’t
sure that I would get an interview but I brought all of my kit anyway. I knew it would be good
to watch the film before the interview as background knowledge. In the end I didn’t get to ask him that much
about the film because time is very limited. So I’d set up and a girl was walking by and
she said to me do you need any help, yeah I’m just so grateful that she asked to help
me. There is a point in the video where I say
that I’m going to freestyle the questions. “You’re gonna freestyle, are you sure?” I’m really nervous at this point and then
I think no you’ve got some key questions in here that you have to ask, I go to my notes
and I’ve got all of the blank cue cards, and it takes me about a minute to realise
that the cue cards with all the questions on or in my bag, So then I have to admit that I don’t have
them on me and they’re in my bag below. So that was a little bit of an awkward moment
that was just resolved by me keeping calm and remembering these things happen. “It would help if I actually had the right
questions in my hand” It wasn’t perfect but I had to remember what
was the end goal. It seems so easy, as if theres no work to
get these interviews, there’s always a really long process and this process was only a week.
When something seems so simple and easy you don’t know what goes on behind the scenes. SUBSCRIBE

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