How Humans Will Eventually Beat Death – People Watching #4

You know what I’ve realized death completely violates the laws of the universe How do you mean? I mean the universe is built on the law of conservation of energy meaning for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction if say a car hits you the distance You sail through the air is directly proportional to how fast the car was traveling for instance
nice example right? But anyway, that’s a constant. That’s how everything works Energy cannot be destroyed and so the destruction of one thing always results in the creation of something else The one thing I’ve learned is death completely fucking gives up a finger I guess I just never had the opportunity to confront that before but Really changed how I think about things so how does death violate the laws of nature well think about it
think about a human life Think about the entire universe of thoughts and ideas and experiences and memories that are contained within just one person Think about all the infinite potential of a single individual think about all the social connections
the family connections
the interdependence in a society think about the power of one person to affect others in the future in life in general but then when you die It’s like someone pulled the plug on a toaster, right? yes, exactly all that And then a tiny bullet piece to some key location on your body And it all just fucking vanishes instantaneously
it’s bullshit Where did it all go? You can’t fuckin tell me that for every action There’s an equal and opposite reaction Within the moment of death all of a person’s decades of experience and love and abilities and interconnectedness just cease to exist It doesn’t even come close to making sense.
It’s bad writing It’s okay, right? To think about religion or whatever after going through something like that Well, that’s just it. I mean, I really started to see how the whole religion thing up started it’s 10,000 BC Life spans are brief some one mate dies from a fucking snake bite, and you’re standing there Watching someone’s whole world vanish in an instant because of something so witless and random Yeah, I’m guessing you’re going to start thinking of some kind of way to make sense of it pretty damn quick And then you’ll probably get someone to write that shit down New ideas in a foxhole is that how it goes it’s just did though despite it all I’m still not religious Religion is just what people used to explain things before we have the mechanical capability to explain it all properly and now we can explain the tides and the seasons and the stars and chicken soup so if everything in religion has eventually had some equivalent in reality then then what people thought of as the afterlife Could also exist It’s just beyond our current scientific ability to determine it So what would that look like I wonder well having had weeks on my ass to think about it I have an idea of what it would look like Do you really? So what differentiates us from other life on Earth? Hats? not hats Other than hats it’s our ability to define nature, right? All other animals are locked into the natural balance of the ecosystem But we’re able to up doubt What do we fear most? death What are we best at? Breaking the rules so we’ll make heaven somehow society exists to meet our needs well we need most is to conquer death, so it logically follows that eventually we will But not just death in the future All death Because all death throughout history has been just the bullshit So what do you saying I’m saying I pretty much now believe that to die is to find out if humanity ever conquer death Because if we ever do conquer death we obviously use that power to save everyone who’s ever died If we can imagine it we can eventually build it and I have to believe that in some distant future We’ll have invented a way to not only preserve consciousness but to reach back in time back to the moment of someone’s death and rescue their consciousness as well and transport it into the future to live on in infinity everyone who’s ever lived living still a thousand years from now or 10,000 and man-made heaven analogous to what ancient people needed to invent for themselves to keep from going mad to not lose hope and so to die is to merely find out if humanity ever develops the technology to define death and create a vast and infinite future that’s the only possible proportionate reaction to millennia of people dying the only possible equilibrium to thousands of pocket universes going silent every day of every year forever That’s what I’m saying. That’s that i belive Wow, you literally do believe all this? I basically have to How can I say death fucking makes you crazy Near-Death anyway your time in hospital sure changed you huh? Yeah it did It’s not my death that got me thinking about this though. It’s my entire point I don’t think religion was born from a desperate desire to stay sane in the face of your own mortality I wouldn’t be sympathetic towards that if I thought it stemmed from love for yourself I can accept my pointless random death I don’t get how your time in hospital change you then It just did all right Hi guys, my name is Natalia. I play Candy on people watching If you like yes, so you can check us out an instagram. It’s at people watching the series and don’t see y’all there

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