How Habitat for Humanity help families build homes, and futures

we are just two days away from officially kicking off our home for good the Apostles build projects in partnership with Habitat for Humanity in the grown-up Valley generous community sponsors and area churches now when it’s all said and done a deserving local family will have a home to call their own but it’s not a giveaway 10 News anchor Brittany McGraw explains how the program helps families build their homes and their futures this house on the first floor we’re gonna have kitchen bathroom two bedrooms and in about four and a half months this site on Loudon Avenue in Roanoke will become a home for this family of thirteen but first they’ll have a hand in building their own home and they’ll learn the financial ins and outs of homeownership they can become people in control of their finances and they can know what bills to pay and when to pay them as a part of its mission to build safe and affordable housing habitat looks at a potential homeowners need willingness to partner an ability to pay a monthly mortgage everybody has a mortgage and the difference with habitat is most of these loans are free of interest that saves each homeowner money habitat is able to keep costs low because volunteer labor saves about thirty thousand dollars per house without them coming out and being willing to say okay what are we doing today and being willing to learn as we teach and train to do what we do the organization also relies on donations of goods and services from area businesses as it builds an average of eight homes each year in our area if somebody donates the washer and dryer say or the HVAC unit for a house that’s less we have to pay for olá vet adds up to more homes for more families across the Roanoke Valley a dollar never dies so you know that that first couple dollars is now gone round and round to build 229 houses in Roanoke I’m Brittany McGraw 10 News working for you

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