How does the Home Builders Blitz work?

[Charles Moore, CEO, Habitat for Humanity
Greater Birmingham] Home Builders Blitz is a program where we
recruit builders to join with Habitat to build homes in one week. And that really helps us
to increase production. We couldn’t build as many houses as we’re building if we didn’t
do Home Builders Blitz. Over the course of the last ten years, we’ve served ninety-seven
families and we’ve had thirty-one different builders that have participated with us. We’ve
had multiple ones that have served on our board. Not only has it helped us its helped
the builders as well. [Andy Lange, Drake Homes]
It helps builders connect to the community. It helps builders connect to other builders.
It helps builders connect to subcontractors. Habitat made it easy for us to come and do
our job. They set up a system, a template in place for us to put our costs together.
You know the slabs are ready for us to come in and start stick framing. And builders have
hearts, I mean even if they act like tough guys. [Charles Moore]
Home Builders Blitz gives us a good opportunity to reach out to sponsors and other partners.
The funds that they give are leveraged by the materials they donated, by the builders’
service and time that is given. [Richard Busby, Wells Fargo]
Wells Fargo gives a grant to Habitat and we also provide volunteers for that Blitz for
the week. I think it’s a testament when corporate sponsors and non-profits partner
together and have such a great impact on the community. [Andy Lange]
A house is just a structure. It’s who lives inside it that makes it a home. You know and
that’s what Habitat’s about. [Shauntika Johnson, Habitat Homeowner]
I knew they were gonna build a house in seven days but to actually see it executed was absolutely
mind blowing. By 9 o’clock that morning, if not even earlier, I had a roof. It’s
amazing what a permanent address will do for you. Josiah, my son, can run around. My hope
and prayer was to have his third birthday in his own backyard and we moved in like three
weeks before. And he had his party in his own backyard! And its so beyond greatly appreciated.
I’m sorry I don’t have anything outside of “thank you.” But that’s what I have
for now: Thank you.

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