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(upbeat music) – Alexander Skarsgard I have a question. I think I’ve seen you in
so many different roles now from like to to but when do you feel most challenged as an actor going to set? – There are moments when I’m not, if I’m not sure about my
character’s motivation in the scene or where he’s coming from. I try to come to set with an idea. – Are you someone who can
look at your movies again, and be like, “I did a good job there.” Or is that something hard for you to do. (laughs) – I don’t know if you’re joking. – Yeah. (laughs) I just did a movie called
the Hummingbird Project with Jesse Eisenberg, and he never watches. Jesse was there and we did all the press, and the red carpet, and
then he would just take off. And he still like, hasn’t
seen movies he made 10 to 15 years ago. – Wow. – I can watch stuff I’m in. I don’t … But that said I’m also very self critical, so I watch it in a quite
a technical way I think. So I can’t say that I
necessarily enjoy it. (laughs) – You had your first film role at seven, so you’ve been doing this for
awhile and you had a brief period off in your teenager
years because you didn’t like being recognized. Is losing your anonymity
something you still think about today even with the
level of fame you have? (laughs) Being 13 is a tricky age for any kid, but to then be in the spotlight and to hear people on t.v.
or read magazines where they talk about you, and this
is what Alex is like, this is what he’s into, and that
made me uncomfortable, and When I was in the military
I was trying to figure out what to do, like most people
when they’re that age, you know around 20, and
I didn’t really know. I didn’t really have a clear
idea of what I wanted to do or a clear passion. And I remember thinking back on acting, that the actual work itself was enjoyable, I really enjoyed, I had a lot of fun. So I thought, well maybe I
should give it a go as an adult. – Has it been hard to kind
of remain true to yourself and the fact that you want
to be an actors actor, and not a Hollywood celebrity,
has that been a conscious decision throughout your career? – I think I’m quite
instinctive in my choices. But I think and think that kind of, in a weird way, maybe helps. Like I’m not gonna, start a fan account on
social media, because I feel like I have to
in order to book a job. Like, I’m not into that. And then I’m not gonna do it,
and if I stop getting offers then I’ll deal with it,
I’ll do something else. And I think I’ll be fine. That’s not a rhetorical
question, who wants to make a f*cking difference. (soldiers pledging) You’re here today to talk about The Kill Team, which is a very sobering, confronting film, which
is based on actual events. So how does that up the
anty for you as an actor coming on with this huge responsibility? – It’s based on a
documentary that Dan Krauss, the director of this
film, had previously made and I was very disturbed by it. And there was something about
the character Deeks that, that fascinated me. It’s not the arch atypical
villain, there’s a level of sensuality there and
almost it’s a courtship, the way he wins over these guys. How you like it cooked? Bloody. – Caveman. (laughs) – I think humans have a
tendency to surrender their own morality when they are
dealing with someone in a position of authority, because they kind of conform to the group, which this movie addressed,
and I was very interested in exploring that. – Do you find it difficult
to go into a role and not judge the character,
not judge their actions? – It was important to
understand where Deeks came from and why he motivated doing what he did. He feels like morally he’s
doing the right thing, it’s imperative that the boys,
that they follow him blindly, that they … he demands loyalty. As disgusting as I personally
think the decisions are or the way he manipulates these young men, is yeah it’s important
for me not to judge him. I was a Sargent and a Team
Leader, so in terms of the position it was
quite similar to Deeks. I served in the military
but I didn’t go to war. And I think that bond is even stronger, I know it’s even stronger
when you’re in a war zone. The sense of, camaraderie and is unlike
anything I’ve ever experienced. You give me your loyalty
and I guarantee that each and every one of you will
have a chance to be a warrior.


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