Hohenheim and Alphonse vs Pride (Eng Dub) – Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood

Huh? Oh, so you’ve chosen to show yourself. Eh, Hohenheim? The hero always wait until the last second to make his move. Hero? Interesting! You must think you can defeat me. No, I’d never think that. I’m not dumb enough to try and fight you. “What could he possibly be thinking?” “He must be plotting something.” “Here he comes!” Are you joking? This was your pathetic plan? You should have ran when you had the chance. Al, no! It seems as though your son enjoys being held hostage. It’s either that or he’s supremely stupid. That’s crossing the line, Pride. Don’t ever mock my son! Hohenheim!! That’s amazing. He actually manage to confine Pride. Hahahaha. What the hell are you doing? Al is trapped in there with that monster. How could you do something like that? It wasn’t my idea. Al was the one who suggested this.


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