Heroes | Restoring Faith in Humanity | 2017 | Episode 3

“We must all realise, that Humanity is our uniting religion. We’re all one. ” Extraordinary footage shows a crowd of passersby working together, to turn over a car that was flipped onto its side after a collision. “We’re all potential Angels, potential Gods.” “You cannot see yourselves as Gods and Angels.” “But I can see yourselves as Gods and Angels.” Watch A Firefighter Bust Through An Icy Lake To Save a Trapped Dog Passerby Emily Andrea Robertson used her smartphone to film the dramatic rescue of the dog, named Maggie. Adventure snowmobiler from Conover involved in a horse rescue in Idaho. Two dramatic swift-water rescues were captured after a winter storm resulted in severe flooding. Surveillance cameras recorded a dramatic moment last weekend as a woman attempted to commit suicide, following a quarrel with her boyfriend at a railway station. Six Chinese fishermen have been stranded on an outcrop of rock after their boat ran aground off south China’s Guangdong. This video shows the dramatic rescue at sea. All the fishermen are safe and sound This video shows three men helping in the rescue of a teenage girl after she fell into a freezing cold lake in Waterboro, Maine. Two goats in Nepal got their heads stuck in the same jar. Whatever was in that container must have been really good! In Saudi Arabia, a Hunter comes to the rescue of a young Dromedary that is trapped by a rock under the helpless gaze of his mother. Sixty-six-year-old Cynthia Demeritt was trapped in her bedroom that was
quickly filling with smoke and she could see flames. Sanford called to the woman inside to “come to the light.” Disabled and recently released from the hospital after surgery, Demeritt didn’t respond. Seconds later, the two men broke the window and Chavez jumped inside the burning apartment to rescue her. Two Iowa fishermen were in the right place at the right time when man’s best friend needed a helping hand. The keeper had come to the edge of his box to collect a long through pass but defender Daniel Krch crashed into him, leaving the shot-stopper unconscious on his back and swallowing his own tongue. Kone, however, showed lightning-fast reactions to recognise the trouble his opponent was in, racing across to ensure the goalkeeper could breath. This footage shows two guys saving a shark from a fishing line. Metro officers and one citizen saved six individuals from a burning home in the West Chatham Precinct on Mar4. 2017 Strong waves were causing this little boy to be pulled into the ocean. He cried for his grandfather’s help, but they were unable to rescue him without falling into the trap themselves Luckily, several beachgoers saw what was happening and hastily rescued him before the ocean swallowed him.


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