Henry Stewart on taking the “No Decision” challenge – from Being Human #46

At your next meeting,
particularly one that you’ve called, and you’re next
one-to-one, ask only questions. Just see how it works.
Ask only questions. That’s one of the challenges
I give, the other challenge I give is coming back to
making no decisions. Could you decide to make
no decisions for 3 months? So, I’ve got a colleague who
did this at major retail store, very hierarchical where
normally people when somebody’s got a complaint, they say
“I’ve got to take that to the manager. The manager’s
not in, we can’t deal with it”. You know, that kind
of environment. And so they moved to a
situation where the managers in two of the stores made
no decisions. Instead, they coached their people
to make decisions. They improved every KPI
over that 3 month period, and I’ve seen the video of
the people saying how much suddenly they enjoy
coming to work. They can take decisions,
they don’t have to just ask the manager.
And the manager’s wives talking about how
“Hey, he’s so much more relaxed. He doesn’t ring
back to work every day”. So particularly if you’re
a chief exec, if you’re a director or anything,
what would it be like to make no decisions
for three months? Just three months to
start with, see how it goes.

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