Harassment at work – Lily’s decision to make a human rights complaint (Episode 1)

My name is Lily and I want to share my story. It’s a story about sexual harassment at work I didn’t know it then, but sexual harassment is a kind of discrimination. And there are laws against that. I used to work for a big trucking company I had a good job, even if I have a learning disability. I didn’t even finish high school. Some people think I’m not smart. And they think they can take advantage of me. A new manager came on the job, I heard the gossip that he had the hots for me. One day, he leaned up really close and said something that was rude and scary. I pushed him away. But he didn’t stop It kept happening. I was in a panic. I didn’t know what to do. A friend of mine said the Canadian Human Rights Commission might help me. She told me that every company has to follow human rights rules set out by the Government. Human rights laws protect you from discrimination treating you differently and badly because of your age, your skin colour, your religion or nationality or the fact that you are a woman or gay or lesbian I think there are 11 reasons in total. They call them grounds. In this case I was treated badly because I am a woman Though my disability may have had something to do with it. This is what happened when I called the Commission. OK, but if I make a complaint about him, will he find out? (Voice on the phone) We will tell your employer about your complaint. It is then up to the company to let your manager know what’s going on. Yeah, but what if he gets mad? (Voice on the phone) He’s not allowed to take action against you when you complain. But if you fear for your safety, you should call the police. I don’t ever want to see him again. (Voice on the phone) We will try and help you solve this. First, by talking about it with your employer but you won’t have to meet face to face with him. (whisper) OK. So, I decided to make a complaint. I don’t have a computer, but I got a friend to help me write my story. and fill in the rest of the forms. and then, I waited for an answer. That was the hard part, what’s going to happen Will I get in trouble? or will the company start to make sure I am treated fairly, with respect, and kept safe from managers like that.

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