Harassment at work – How Lily’s human rights complaint was resolved (Episode 3)

I complained to the Canadian Human Rights Commission about sexual harassment by a manager at work. They fired me, I was in a panic. But I stayed hopeful, it’s in my nature. I knew I was in the right. But I still wasn’t sure about mediation It’s going to be private and confidential. You don’t have to meet face to face. You don’t even have to come to Ottawa. We will come to you. It’s also the quickest way. If you don’t try mediation, the process takes longer and gets more complicated. Once the company is reminded of their legal responsibility to provide a safe workplace for all their employees, they are likely to want to find a solution. Companies usually want to resolve the complaint and do the right thing. After speaking with staff at the Commission, and then later with the mediator herself, I got to feel more comfortable about it. They invited me to come to a neutral place, they sat us down in separate meeting rooms. and gave us each a chance to tell our side of the story. I think the company understood that what happened wasn’t right. I thought they were going to try to convince the mediator that I was making it up. But instead, they started asking me what I thought I thought would be a good way to solve this problem. In the end, they agreed to give me my job back. in a different section of the company, with a new manager. They paid me for my lost wages. And they agreed to have everybody in the company go on training about harassment and discrimination. so that everybody understands their rights. I went back to my job, I felt good about the solution to my complaint. But not about what I had lived through. Soon I found another job, with another company. I’m so much happier here. That’s my story. You know many people who experience sexual harassment are afraid to report it. But I’m really glad I spoke out. Though at times, it was a hard road to travel.

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