Hall Of The Gods | American Gods – Season Two

Time for a story. Because sometimes… People need reminding of things. We have been fighting since the Portuguese invaded the
Gold Coast of Ghana. We stay at war. And just because we are few and they are many does not mean that we are lost. When people first came
to America, they brought us with them. Me, Loki, Thor, Nancy, Lion God, all of you. We rode in their minds and
took root. Gradually they abandoned us for a better deal. A new life in a new land. Our true believers passed away or stopped believing. Left us to fend for ourselves. To get by on what little smidgens of belief or worship
we could find. And that’s what we’ve done,
we’ve gotten by. We live in cracks at the edges
of society. Old, forgotten Gods in a land without Gods but there are New Gods
growing in America, they’ve already replaced us. Now they want to destroy
us completely and if you think otherwise you are fooling yourselves. You want us to go to war? You called everyone here for this nonsense. Most of us have lived in peace
in this country for a long time. I have seen the New Gods rise,
I have seen them fall. I say we wait. Czernobog is with us. He has brought his hammer
to the fight. Yeah when the time is right my hammer will swing. And we will need it. Believe me these New Gods are
not going anywhere soon. From one God of War to another. When I look out my window
I see no battlefields, I hear no war cries. Then you are not looking hard enough Mama Ji.

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