Haiti | Discover Humanity [SUBTITLES]

To discover humanity in Haiti travel from the ghettos to the jungles, from the busy streets to the lonely beaches… …to spend time with the people. Speak with the farmers, taste food from the chefs, and from the streets. Meet the artists and explore the traditions. Observe passion for education, and return home in the back of a crowded tap tap. Feel the rhythm of the music, and the welcome of the hospitality. To discover Humanity in Haiti, listen to the words of its people. What message would you like to send to the rest of the world? May God reign over us. The way the world is, there is nothing that we can do. All of us one day will die. So, let’s be good. I have nothing else to say. Everybody will die, this is what I have to say. Love. What I want to say is, first pray to God to protect us because life is not easy. Those in power need to take their responsibilities seriously and unite, collaborate, to make things better. What I have to say to the rest of the world is to unite, to make peace. That is all I have to say. What I would like for humanity is this: if we unite as family, we can all benefit from one another. But if everyone behaves selfishly and only for himself then nothing can be done. I haven’t been able to travel, but I believe that what can make our world better is for everybody to work together to recycle plastics. Like this we could make the country better. Whether we want it or not, Haiti will change. We were the first black nation in the world to gain independence. Even if there is a lot of corruption, and a lot of people do not want the country to develop, I still think there’s hope. Haiti will change. All my life is my son, my child makes me happy. Let’s live like brothers, let’s live together, let’s unite and we will change the world. What I have to say to the world is that we need to unite. Let’s work together, let’s love eachother and work for a better life.


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