Habitat Young Professionals: Volunteer opportunities in the U.S. and abroad

>>Jenna Widman: Habitat Young Professionals
is a program that engages 25- to 40-year-olds, giving them the opportunity to network and
then come together and serve their community while meeting others in the area, all for
Habitat’s mission.>>Christina Stritzinger: It’s been the missing
piece between how I’ve been developing a network professionally and how I’m getting
involved in the community. So it’s given me kind of a way to connect with people in
other industries, people in other areas, all walks of life, in a way that isn’t really
provided by other organizations.>>Kevin Fustos: There are exciting people from
all different industries, and you’re going to be immediately a part of that.>>Bridget Bugbee: The opportunity to get involved
in an organization that they can see and really, I mean, hold a hammer of difference.>>Kevin Fustos: There’s a lot of things that
can be a passion in your life. And I think when you get involved with an organization
like Habitat, it’s an opportunity to find your passion.>>Bridget Bugbee: It gives you an opportunity
to have your eyes opened. I work monthly with the families in my area, and I see their hardship.
But there is a totally different view, a totally different hardship, when you come to another
country.>>Don Stack: Habitat Global Village trips provide
an opportunity for Habitat Young Professionals to come experience that there’s more than
just building houses, we’re building relationships with the community, we’re learning it’s
a global community.>>Elisa Barrios: It is also about spreading
the word, and people become more aware about the need of adequate housing in order to break
the cycle of poverty.>>Jenna Widman: Everybody talks about the “Habitat”;
let’s talk about the “humanity.” That, to me, is where the fulfillment comes, when
you get to just connect to someone on a human-to-human level.>>Kevin Fustos: There are so many similarities
between them and any family you’d see anywhere. You see all of the care and the love and just
doing a great job working alongside us.>>Christina Stritzinger: There’s a lot that
divides us, but then there’s a lot that ties us together, too. That was something
I didn’t quite expect, would be to have so much in common with the people here that
we’ve met. It’s been really amazing.>>Melissa Estrada: The conditions that my mother
and myself grew up in, in Brooklyn, New York, in low-income housing, is what really drove
me to be passionate about Habitat for Humanity and getting more involved. Every day that
I’m on the job site, I see not only the physical build of the house, but also the
building up of the families. I see it in the mother’s eyes. She’s seeing her dream
coming to life, so that’s a really beautiful thing. [Argentina Aleman]>>Christina Stritzinger: Being here and understanding
all the ways Habitat impacts the community in more ways than just providing a new home
for a family has been really important for me, so now I feel like I really understand
the cause.>>Elisa Barrios: Habitat Young Professionals is the
gas in the Habitat engine. They are the future; they are what will leverage more resources;
they will lift more hands and hearts.>>Bridget Bugbee: We really are one world,
and we need to work together to make it a better place.


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