Habitat volunteers build homes on Sept. 11 Day of Service

The 9/11 Day of Service and
Remembrance was a day where the community truly came together to take something so tragic
and then make it positive. You nails, your hammering, your sweat and
your love transforms into something really tangible, into a house. It’s an extraordinary experience. We wanted to do something that
really helped honor the volunteers, and that’s why we chose this particular project on 9/11. When I pulled up and I saw
so many volunteers, I was absolutely speechless. Everybody coming together showed me that as
Americans, we are amazing. To have our build on 9/11,
to have such engagement and the power of the moments of silence, the power of our community
coming together and supporting Yolanda, and building this home and building community,
it’s just such an incredible experience. My home is being built, and
it’s everything that I imagined, but so much more because I never thought I’d get
it this way and have so many people to come out. And I’m so thankful to Habitat. This is more than a house to me. It’s the start at a brand new life, a brand
new future. I can never repay you enough. I would suggest any affiliate
get involved in this 9/11 Day of Service. The payoff has been immense. We come together as a family,
and that’s what Habitat is all about. I think today will stay in everybody’s heart. I’m so blessed, so thankful
. . . just so happy.


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