Habitat helps families rebuild after disaster strikes

[Betsy] I felt that this can’t be happening.
You know, people say that all the time, “that’ll never happen to me.” So, it wasn’t really real at first … until
my kids were safe and we just watched. I started thinking about everything I was
going to miss. I had 40 years’ worth of pictures, all the baby pictures that I was
never going to see again. [Tom] We lost our peace of mind. We lost our
way of life. We also lost our way for a while. [Betsy] Being at my parents’ house has been
a blessing, but we feel unsettled because it just feels like there’s not a permanent
place for things. [Tom] In the basement here, there are many
stacks of tubs with belongings just waiting for a place to be. Living in the basement,
it’s just our little place we’ve got to stay, but it’s also a growing time, to be
together and work through the tough times. [Betsy] Habitat is giving us permanency in
a place where we would be starting from scratch. Being settled is going to be the most exciting
thing for me. I have no problem unpacking. [Tom] All dark clouds have silver linings,
and you just have to look, ’cause you’ll see them. It’s not just a home, it’s a future. They’ve
given us a future.

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