Habitat for Humanity’s “Home For Good” Nears Completion

[Music] Habitat for Humanity’s home for good project is wrapping up and we’ll finally be ready for its official dedication this Friday we were here with Jenny Lee to talk about the home the progress and what the project means for the community Jenny thanks so much for being here can you tell us about the family if it’s receiving this home on Friday yes our family is Tiana Hayes and her two children and they are just beside themselves over the moon with excitement and gratitude and I think at this point Tiana mom is just kind of pinching herself because it just doesn’t feel real that she’s getting ready to get our own house on Friday it’s so exciting it is being out there with all the volunteers is it’s such a fun experience just to see all of the work come together and how much progress is made in such a short amount of time so has there been anything like unusual or challenging with this project in particular um it’s unusual because it was a quick build with wls and all of our partners but the really neat thing about this project is that mom the homeowner Tiana grew up right a block away on Hanover Avenue so this is already kind of home for her she knows the neighbors the neighborhood will be her new next-door neighbor our friend Mamie new Tiana is a little child and so it really gives you goosebumps yeah to see the connections that are already there in the excitement and so we’ve really seen some nice sense of community in connection with this project since May so you kind of touched on it but it doesn’t only just affect her in her family but it also affects the neighbors the community and kind of exciting for everyone involved that’s right and again because of wls and all the support that you’ve shown us and with the partners and sponsors that have been part of this we’ve not only been building this house but doing some neighborhood beautification on Saturdays throughout the build process and in partnership with the neighbors doing some cleanup clearing brush minor repairs pulling things out of the alley and so that really too has you know but it impacts the whole neighborhood and really without that even putting a habitat house down into the neighborhood just creates this sense of community and it has a ripple effect and so it’s just really it goes beyond just the homeowners it does have a community impact so tell us a little bit about the house dedication and happening Friday this Friday we’re gonna start at 4:15 and have with us of course everybody from wls and all of our sponsors and supporters and volunteers and neighbors and do the home dedication ceremony and I understand that there’ll be a particularly exciting live portion of the dedication at the end and then our friends from Kroger have donated a ton of food for a cookout the streets closed so we’re gonna have a big cookout Whittle home bring some hot dogs and a BOTS party to cap off the dedication so it’s gonna be a lot of fun so if somebody wants to find out a little more information about Habitat for Humanity maybe they want to get involved and volunteer where can they go they can call us at three four four zero seven four seven or go to our website our Facebook page which I believe are up on you know we’ll be up on the screen and we’d love to talk to anybody who might like to get involved or just learn more or apply for home ownership yeah well thank you so much for coming on um thank you Friday we are too

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