Habitat For Humanity

Welcome to the first Annual a Taste for Homes.
Enjoy some food get some tunes going, let’s have a good time and do it for Habitat for
Humanity of Monmouth County, Folks. God Bless. I got involved with Habitat for Humanity in
high school, through my mom. The value of being involved as high schooler has stuck
with me. When the radio station had an opportunity to be part of Habitat in such a meaningful
way, it wasn’t even a question of if, it was a matter of when. I got involved after Hurricane Katrina, why
does it always take a tragedy to get people to come out and to help and to volunteer? Theres a huge
need in our community for help, to help build homes, affordable homes. I am the science department chair for Long
Branch High School. I teach engineering and architecture. We started immediately working with Habitat for Humanity
which was part of the curriculum. So Ray Gabler and I began working intimately together in
bringing the reality of a home, which we designed in the community to reality, in the field.
If you can take it from the mind and through the heart and with the hands, its an amazing
opportunity you can give the children…and the community. Well Habitat for Humanity has been a huge
inspiration for us at T&M Associates, and Habitat had a need that we thought we were
a good fit for. Being consultants, being engineers, technical people. Many of the employees of
course live and work in the area in the municipalities that Habitat Monmouth affiliate is serving.
So it just seemed like a natural fit for us, and were thrilled to be part of the support
of Habitat’s mission. I am the executive director of Habitat for
Humanity Monmouth County. Well, the job I have is probably the best job that anyone
can have, I get to work with families and help them change their lives. Habitat’s mission
is to put God’s love into action to bring people together to build homes, community
and hope. Being a recipient of Habitat for Humanity
I didn’t really know where to go, what to do, this wonderful person just said well,
why don’t you fill this out, the application. I did, and in a matter of maybe a week I got
a call, and said “we want to help you” and they were like, shoulder to shoulder with
me at all times, they were absolutely wonderful. I don’t know where we would be without them. The flood had battered our homes, and our
hope. The place we once shared our family moments was broken. Sometimes, you don’t know
the value of a moment until it becomes a memory. Habitat helped us hold on, from the bottom
of our hearts, we like to thank Habitat, and all those who contribute their time, and resources
to further their mission. Thank you. Volunteering for Habitat is the most tangible
volunteering you’ll ever experience. Theres no way to even put an ability to describe
how tangible it is. Cause its real and its honest, and it actually has an effect on peoples
lives. Volunteering for Habitat has changed my life.
Anybody who goes on site and picks up a hammer, will be changed. It’s the best thing that
I’ve done and I cannot wait to get out and do more builds. We are heavily dependent on volunteers to
do what we do. So we always welcome more volunteers to join us. If we’re fortunate to be in a position to
volunteer, then we ought to do it, cause were kinda all in it together. This little rock is hurdling
around space, and if were not getting each others back then, whats the point?

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