Habitat for Humanity Spring Break 2016

We�re helping build the house for Habitat
for Humanity. We�re Part of the club and like to come out whenever we can and help
the community Starting freshman year I�ve never picked
up a hammer basically in my life. Now I am an efficient hammerer, I can do saws and powertools,
I am all about power tools so that�s a lot of fun. Not just physical stuff like hammering
and nailing, but team building and working with others and just helping others out. It�s
a good experience all around This year I�m the spring break trip coordinator
and I�m organizing a trip down to Alabama next Saturday.
We�re taking a group of 33 UWL students and we�re going to Alabama and we�re spending
a week there. We�re going to be doing builds, working with Habitat for Humanity of Greater
Birmingham, doing some roofing, painting, some window making, various list of things.
We�ll spend the week there, come back Sunday, then classes start again Monday.
We went to Florida last year to help with houses. It was also super rewarding to be
able to, instead of going out and partying, we built a house for someone to live in. While
we were building the house, we met the family members who were going to be living there,
so it was nice to be able to talk to them and hear their story. Everyone is so thankful that you come down
to spend spring break with them, it�s very rewarding.
I think that personally for me I felt really accomplished after doing that for my spring
break. It was great. I feel that it�s your purpose in life to help other people, so it
was nice to do that over spring break.

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