Habitat for Humanity on Montana This Morning

the Jim Willie Ham the executive director of the Mid Yellowstone Habitat for Humanity is here okay we’re gonna back up we have the fire we’ve have the restore shut down you’re smiling today it’s a beautiful day it’s always fun to be here with you guys in the morning to start the day like that you know the first thing I want to say before we get into where we are it’s just a great big THANK YOU to you everyone here at Katy VQ for your overwhelming support helping us get the word out that the restor is coming back that we’re still continuing our building program it’s been an up-and-down last 30 days or so but we’re pressing on and we’re just so grateful to the community for believing in our mission and helping us move forward and the losing the restore has been a big financial hit and people have really had to step up in other ways they really have and again it’s just so hard well heartwarming to know that there’s so much passion and excitement behind putting putting families in safe simple decent affordable housing and without the restore up and running right now due to the fire we don’t have that fundraising arm the revenue from the restore helping build those homes and we’ve got a lot of families and individuals in the pipeline who are working toward homeownership so this is a temporary bump in the road I’m excited to tell you that we are moving forward we should have a location here by spring and I’m really excited to come back and be able to share more about that later on okay but in the meantime I mean you’re looking seriously at some locations and right now it’s really the negotiating project process right exactly you know it comes with when you’re looking at a building we want to make sure it’s a good fit for us as an organization and that it’s a good fit for the public that the location is great that area is safe and we’re doing our best to make all that come together and we always say that we build on faith and habitat and I got to tell you that that’s definitely been tested for me it’s been a lot of fun we’re still smiling through it and I’m just so grateful to everyone there’s hard to put into words what it really means the upward support okay we only got a couple of seconds left are there other ways that people can help out right now besides supporting the restore obviously when that comes back absolutely you know we’re still unified answer we have a big subdivision that’s going to begin here in the springtime and our big fundraiser our little T’s here Bash is going to be April 6 at the Doubletree Hotel our big fundraiser we’re gonna focus on fire recovery new restore location and moving forward for the rest of the year so lots of great things coming up all right Jim Willie Han thanks for being here thank you for apps for your positive attitude moving ahead with a crisis the way it’s been and we’ve got more after this on Montana this morning

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