Habitat For Humanity Las Vegas | Home for the Holidays 2018

(upbeat music) – Hi I’m Doug Coombs I’m the CEO of Habitat
for Humanity Las Vegas. And tonight we held our
annual gala called Home for the Holidays. (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – So each one of these
is worth $2,000 now. Down the slide. Worth $10,000 dollars. There’s number nine, $2,000 dollars. – It was amazing tonight.
– What just happened? 15 or 17 people just went
in the swimming pool. – I think we capped it at 15. We raised $45,000 for people jumping in the pool. How much fun is that? – Just this past week
we dedicated two homes in Henderson, Nevada for two families that have been working very hard for two years. A lot of people think we give homes away but we don’t. We actually do 0% interest mortgage and we actually put our families through almost 300 hours of training including
building their own home, working in our stores, financial literacy classes. But the difference that
it makes is incredible. So we’re very appreciative tonight for the people that have come here. And we had a record breaker evening. – That’s exciting. I’ve been familiar with the charity for a long time and just
sort of how robust it is with not only the hard work and the sweat and you know sweat equity that goes into building these homes. But it’s interesting the amount of like what you were talking about, the sort of training and
education and commitment that’s required from
the recipients that are you know to be a part of this. – Yeah.
– So what got you involved with Habitat? – Well that’s an
interesting story actually. So I have a totally different career. I’m actually retired
federal law enforcement. – Oh wow. – And I had retired with the United States Secret Service. – Awesome.
– And so years ago I had actually had the
pleasure to protect former President Carter.
– Okay. – And so President Carter got involved with Habitat for Humanity in the 80s. – Really.
– And it just kind of stuck with me a little bit how philanthropic he was. He’s a wonderful person. And so when I retired I did
a couple of other things normally in the security realm. And then when I decided
to get away from that I just by happen-chance fell
into the nonprofit world and with another agency here in town for about eight years and so the long and the short of it is a year and a half ago they had a position open here and I thought
it would be just wonderful because I was familiar with Habitat as everybody is but mostly because of
my personal experience of kind of watching on the sideline some of the inspiration that President Carter provided. – That’s very, very exciting. Well congrats on such a big evening, a successful night. – Great.
– And looking forward to more continued excitement. – Alright thank you so much.

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