Habitat for Humanity Indigenous Build Day

(calm guitar music) (placing wood on
top of each other) (people talking) I’m the Ontario lead for Golder’s National
Indigenous Steering Committee. I’m really proud to be
here today working on this Habitat for Humanity
Indigenous Build, because I’ve worked a lot
with Indigenous communities over the years, and this
is just a great opportunity for me to give back
to this community. – I’m really excited to be part of Habitat for Humanity’s
Indigenous Build Day. I’m very glad to be able to
give back to the community and participate in such
a great event today. (hammering) – I’m glad to be here
with the Golder team on Indigenous Build Day
giving back to the community. – At Golder, we’re
committed to working with Indigenous communities
and our Indigenous partners throughout Ontario and Canada. – #GolderSustainability – #GolderSustainability – #GolderSustainability (calm music)

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