Habitat For Humanity dedicates new homes to families

four homes built in just five days to get results for families in need so this was the goal this week for volunteers working with Habitat for Humanity for what they call the builders blitz and today they got to give the keys to the families new six is Amanda Castro was there for the big reveal [Music] this homeowner couldn’t help but cry when she saw her new bathroom for the first time all of the new neighbors overwhelmed with emotion and gratitude thank you so much I don’t have words to explain how I feel like fading four families are moving into these new homes in the arbor been neighborhood in Orange County Habitat with humanity greater Orlando and Osceola County teaming up with Orange County and for local builders to build these houses in just one week Elizabeth Ramos says she stopped by the site every day to watch the process telling us she always dreamed of becoming a homeowner rent is very expensive if he’s going up every time so having my own home and knowing that I’m stable it’s really good like I feel great welcome to my new home the builders getting results donating their time and materials to make this happen organizers say the new homes will give these families peace of mind they don’t have to worry about where are they gonna sleep the next day they don’t have to worry about paying $1,000 a month for a one-bedroom apartment they’ve got safe they’ve got affordable they’ve got decent and they have a home now and once you have home everything else just falls into place Rhodri cammack says she can’t wait to move in with her family already looking forward to making new memories I’m like a family person so I can’t wait to have like family gatherings and stuff at my new home my domain and only mine in Orange County amid a Castro getting results new six

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