Habitat for Humanity and the Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree

[Announcer] “Come on, everybody; let’s
light this tree! Count down with us; five, four, three, two, one!” (Cheering and music) [Homeowner Esther Huambo] “Oh, the Rockefeller
tree. Having the Rockefeller tree in my house is Christmas all year round. And to actually
have it in here, it’s historic. “Being a homeowner, I feel sets a good example
for my children. It makes them see that when you work hard for things, it’s worth it
in the end. And these people, these volunteers, these people that are contributing their money,
hard-work earned money, is helping people like me get ahead in life. And we’re working
for it. And we’re very appreciative; I can tell you I am. [Homeowner Iveth Bowie] “People from all
over the country are coming to see it because it shines so beautifully. Then, people probably
say, ‘It’s done; the tree’s gone.’ But not for our family. For our family, it’s
more than a tree; it’s hope and it’s a way of us continuing. “It’s a miracle happening. It’s wonderful
to have so much wood donated to our home. My kids can say, ‘you know my house is made
out of the Christmas tree of the Rockefeller Center,’ and smile and be happy. “It was an emotional moment, too. Because
we waited for this house for a long, long time. The pieces are coming together. It’s
a puzzle, and it was missing a piece. Well, that Christmas tree was that lost piece that
we found to finish our home. “The Christmas continued. It used to be
a nest for birds, but now it’s going to be a nest for me, for my family. And we’re
grateful; we’re very, very grateful.”


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