Gwen Stefani Accepts the 2019 PCAs Fashion Icon Award | E! People’s Choice Awards

-Blake Shelton, look. Icon. Wow. This is hard to digest. I just — I feel like — I just always, always loved
fashion. It was just — It was one of those very instinctual things,
and I just think probably ´cause of my mom. My grandma, my great-grandma, my grandma sewed clothes. My grandma sewed my mom´s clothes. My mom would come home from school, and my grandma made her
prom dress. So I feel like my favorite thing in my life was to go to the
fabric store with my mom and pick out, you know, different looks and do different Christmas looks. It was just — It was always there, so the fact that this is
happening right now is hard to imagine, because it´s just what I do. I love fashion. And I think one of the biggest blessings of the whole thing
is just all the amazing, talented designers and people that have, like, taught me all the things that I know, because I
used to hate fashion. I would be like, “That´s for the rich people. Like, you can´t get those clothes. Like, I´m just gonna go to the thrift store and make my own
thing.” And that´s what I did my whole life, and now here I am with
this award. I´m gonna give this to Zuma. Zuma wants this. Anyways, I love you guys. Thank you so much. Anyone that ever listened to my music, anyone that ever
bought any of my L.A.M.B. clothes or gx or any of that stuff, it´s so incredible. You inspire me all the time. I love you, Blake Shelton. You´re a babe. I love all you guys. Thank you so much!


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