Gulfstream and Habitat for Humanity Build Home for Disabled Veteran

Okay, okay, c’mon. Okay My name is Tia Williams, my name is Heberon
Brown, my name is Jada Brown and we are here because Habitat is building us a home. One…two…three… Here we go Thank you My name is Harold Tessendorf, I am the Executive
Director of the Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity here in Savannah, Georgia. This has been one of the most exciting builds
that I’ve been involved with in my eighteen years with Habitat for Humanity. It started back in late January, early February,
with prefab construction out at the airport, while the slab was going in and then we brought
it all together and we are getting ready to complete it on the eve of the Ops Conference. Through this partnership with Gulfstream Aerospace,
we have involved over two hundred Gulfstream volunteers and supporters. We are extremely grateful for it and look
forward to the next build together. I’d like to thank everyone who’s here today
for this special occasion and special thanks to the Coastal Empire Habitat for Humanity and a very special thanks to all the Gulfstream employees who have volunteered their time
and resources to construct this home. I’d also like to recognize our soon-to-be
home owner, Ms. Tia Williams and her family. Tia, we realize the selfless sacrifices you’ve
made as a member of our Armed Forces and for that we could not be more humbled to have
sponsored and built this home for you. Giving back to our community is important
to us. Around the world our employees see the benefit
of making the communities in which they live, work, and play a better place for all. So, Tia and family, on behalf of the Gulfstream
family, please know that this home was built with pride and love. There’s walls, you know there’s furniture,
and so its a real home now. So, to me, i’m excited, like my bones are
just happy, you know what I mean? Because this is our home. The picture kind of tells it all, it says
“this is my happy place”, so that’s how i’m feeling right now. This is my happy place.

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