Gratitude, Compassion, Loving-Kindness as the natural expression of Awareness | Jon Bernie

Jon Bernie: You know, often people want to
develop gratitude or compassion, or loving-kindness, or acceptance, from a psychological point
of view. And hey, if that’s where you start … good! That’s great. And there are a lot
of ways to do that. Many many ways to do that. Often though, when I’m speaking about compassion
or acceptance, I’m not talking about it from a psychological point of view. I’m talking
about it from the point of view of being awareness. The perspective of or from being awareness
is that of acceptance and compassion automatically. There isn’t someone who is being compassionate.
There isn’t someone who is accepting. There just IS acceptance and compassion. That’s
what allows the human condition to be what it is. That’s what allows what is to be as
it is. And also is available to receiving guidance, you might say in the form of intuition,
on how to move forward. People are often worried that if they become one with awareness that
they’ll become … unmotivated. That they’ll become a puddle or something. You know what
I mean? That they’ll just, sort of not want to do anything. But actually the opposite
is true. That when we’re fully in awareness we become the aliveness that the life-force
is actually. But the way we are guided, the way we are drawn into life is different than
from an ego, psychologically-based orientation. That we’re not guided anymore by what we want
and what we don’t want or what we’ve figured out. From those compulsive dynamics that we
were talking about earlier. But we’re actually guided by what’s true for us. Not from what
we think we should do or what somebody else thinks we should do. Not conceptually at all.
So we’re truly guided. And so that realm of acceptance and compassion
really is that cultivation of moving more and more into the awareness. You know, that
the … we learn how to surrender into awareness. And that term surrender is a good word. That
is a good term for letting go into being awareness. A lot of people learn letting go but they
are not getting the transmission, they are not getting the mirroring of awareness. So,
they are letting go physically, they are letting go of tension, they are letting go of emotion,
but until they get that mirrored, that primary awareness mirrored, they may not ever really
understand what the path means, truly, deeply. And it might be there. They may not know.
I didn’t know what had happened to … I had an awakening at 16 and I didn’t know what
happened until I was 20, when I met somebody who knew and was very aware of what was happening
to me at that time. And could mirror it and acknowledge it and also give me some advice
about how my life was going to go. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.
People want enlightenment, but they don’t know what they are getting themselves into.
As if they had a choice. And like I say, you know, you can’t put the genie back in the


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