Granny plays Cards Against Humanity for the first time

[awesome family singing, ahem] Granny: I’ve got seven Mom: yes [Granny trying to decipher the cards and decide what war is actually good for] White people the Great Depression Amputees or something like that Amputations. And the Great Depression was the one before that. Friendly fire Jones: Everyone picked war things, wtf Chunks of dead hitch- Chunks of dead hitchhiker (Jones: see, she doesn’t get it) Pieces of dead walkers Well, no, hitchhikers. Really? Hitchhikers? Yup, someone you- Nazis. What was the question again? War, what is it good for? A sea of trouble I’m going to pick this one right here, the one I didn’t get. ‘White people’ though The thing with those pieces of – meat Jones: she just picked the one she doesn’t understand Mom: Which one? Mom: but everyone had to laugh with the white people Chunks of dead hitchhiker Jones: Yup, that’s me. We just laughed with Granny’s pronunciation. Now what do I do with this? Jones: Give it to me. But the white people were the best. Give me the black card. I thought it was a very good answer as well. [Granny’s confused about the cards] Jones: you can give the black one to me. Ah, the war, yes.

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