Good people going bad – Cards against humanity part 4

Umm sick! Where do you find those? I might actually do that. Well, I could actually see myself doing this one. Thaaaanks. I need to switch some cards I’ve got some wierd ones. Ok, we’re switching. Just a single card, please. No no, I’m taking them all! Then it’s gonna be a wery short game. That’s a tough one I mean, it could be a tough one Aww, I had two cards, that would be perfect for this one! Are you blinded? What? Are you blindfoldet? Uuuuuummmm… Yeah. Yeah ANTILOPE, that’s what I said. Yes yes You know: Cheers!! Yeah yeah. Even thogh WIPING absolutely, would have been more entertaining. *Indistinctable sound* This one was the funniest. I’m taking the entire pile. Hehe MINE!! Yeah, there’s some truth to that. Yeah, that can be some real mess. What kind of sick people are you?!? Ohh, this is a tough one! Fuck it’s hard! Yeah, cause the all fit in damn well, right? Perverse, perverse or… Cheese in the beard. Two of them are kind of obvious, I like this one. That was just some random card. God dammit, then I wasted a good card there!! Yeah, me to! I just lost two cards. I’ve waisted a lot of cards, because I’m further behind than you are. Then don’t kill those poor cards! Marco(That’s me), your turn! Polo… (Oh no, she didn’t just do that!) No no, poolo. Anyone giving me a blank card, get’s disconnected! (Danish sound for “No fair!”) Argh! Uhh! AHH! (In danish you can make the same statement with an I) Ahh! (This time with the danish letter Å(Sound: oa-ish)) Muh! Translate this!! (I just did, motherf***er!) Year, this is good stuff for the subtitles. That’s what she said. It’s only gonna show “Ihh”, “Ahh”, “Uhh”, “Ihh” Half my subtitles are gonna be like: “Explaining a card in danish” Yeah, that allways happens to me, when I’m going out, and it bugs the hell out of me! Well, if you are able to use it as a weapon, then it’s a fantastic superpower. *Indistinctable chatter* Aw thanks, and you to! Vibeke you are crasy!! Yes I am. But you love me. Well not all the time! Come on darling! Ohh yeah! “Ohh yeah! Are we playing? Ok, this is innocent, but it’s still funny. That’s what she said! I’m so over tired, that I thought that was funny. Yaaay, yay, that wasn’t what I was sopposed to get. Scram!! Aww, I thought you wan’ted to go for my saxophone solo! Nope, cause you can’t beat The Saxophone Guy! (In the background) … Not chewing on your saxophone! (Danish wordplay on “Guffe” and “Go for”, sorry) “Chew your”… Eww! Ranger, I didn’t get that, because of Vipsen. I said: “I will absolutely not chew on your saxophone!” May we switch? “Guffe”(Chew)?! Where did that come from, I said “Go for” Ok, we are switching! … Right pressure on the words. Ok, put the right pressure on this:Vipsen is so over tired, she’s laughting at everything we say. I TOLD her not to drik from the champerpot! Martin hasn’t learned to use that one yet. I didn’t specify whose chamber pot, did I? Me be big boy, me go toilet by myself! She giggling again! Vibeke, go to bed! NOO! I think Ranger is over tired to. Nope, he does it because he can. Allways sucks to have to explain that to them. It has to be that one! Then I win!! That doesn’t matter! Doesn’t matter?? Shall we continue? It doesn’t matter. Echooooooo… Hey, it’s me that’s sopposed to pull! Ehh, I mean draw a card. Not the entire deck! Then I really hope, you make some money!! Ohh, I forgot to draw a card. And that was just the perfect card i drew. Henrik stop it! Yeah ok, if you like that! It’s like: Sex, sex or sex. Argh, what kind of sick people are you?!? That one! It makes more sense, when you talk about cops. Well, that wasn’t what I thought about, but ok. Well, now I’ve won plus one. Well, we can stop now, if thats what people want? Let’s finish the round. Ok, well finish the round. *Mimic is mumbling* Goody goody. Marco! Then I get a last card. Ohh, yeah, I have to blindfold myself. And I’m blind! Are we there? We’re there. I believe we’ve been here the whole time. Removing the curtain now. Won’t you girldfriend get mad, if you remove the curtains? I think not. That’s sweet! I strongly agree. That was a good one! Sorry! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE, OR WATCH MY LATEST VIDEO!! Oh no! Yeah, looks like Henrik has won big time! So let’s… … try to flip the table, and fail big time! That’s it, thanks!

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