Good people going bad – Cards against humanity part 3

I don’t do that either. And then two cards flew over immediately. Come on Marco! Hello! Now it’s you, who are the slow one! Marco-co. Marco-co nut nut. You can be a coconut nut yourself. Have you shaken? No, I haven’t. Then we shake it all around. What kind of sick card is that? Yeah ok, I’m shure a lot of female viewers that agrees on this. Well. Let’s see. You think, you can agree on somewhere to put the cards down? I was first. *Indestictable chatter, while I explain the meaning of a word on a card.* Who are we missing? Vibeke? That’s me, sorry. I’m sorry, but it has to be this one. Yes, yes, yes, yes! *Explaining the word ” maintaining”* No one heard that? Sorry, I forgot to push the button. But I think you have read it. Yeah ok, that can do much. That depends on your age. And what gender you are. You can always wink a little at them. That makes them so happy. Different urges. *A wordplay that doesn’t make sense in English.* This one. Well, what do you have to say, in your defence, my dear? Oh yeah, it’s my turn again. Why aren’t there a wildcard, where I can put down “Blank”? I thought the same thing. That would be better, than the card i have here. Yeah, I was about to say that to, it’s pronounsed Gosling. We have some sick brains with us, apparently. Completely blown in their heads. Then take the least blown of them. Wasn’t that the point of the game? To choose the least blown? Then I’ll pick the Gooseling. He wants the Gooseling. Noooo. It was funny. Now we can switch cards again right? After your turn. *All talking at the same time.* Umm, why…? My thoughts exactly. Why what? Someone had flipped the entire deck. Vibeke! Not my fault! “I’ll just see what the buttom card is.” That’s what she said. It wasn’t me, that flipped the deck!! Oh no! He’s russian, I don’t care. Then you have to go blindfolded for a sec. *Just coughing up a lung.* Yep, we’re ready. There you go. That one first. That one first? Ok. That’s the one on top. There we go. That one. Well. Henrik, stop it now! He’s just trigger happy. I’m just playing Donald Trump. Yeah, he goes around and pushes things to. That sound expensive. I think so to. Thanks. *Explaining a new word.* He’s forgetting to push the button again. Nope. We were chatting. Ok, that went fast. That’s understandable.

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