Good people going bad – Cards against humanity part 1

English cards here. Then he get’s to practice putting subtitles in his videos. Yeah, this will turn out well. Umm, what did we agree on, when it comes to switch cards? Three cards every round. So until it’s Henriks turn again, you can switch three cards. I don’t have any card, i would like to switch right now. Ok yes, Henrik do you want to make the first draw? This is gonna be good. I’m taking my card back for a sec. Can’t decide? Yeah i did, but… You don’t have to follow my with the cursers, do you? Yeah, we do! That sounds like something I would want to see. I just have to say, that’s an episode of Hanna Montana I also would like to see. It’s the black card that’s your point. My turn! (Explaining a word in danish.) everything under control? NOPE! You wasn’t sopposed to laugh there. That must be REALLY hard to get abord an airplane! You can say that again! That’s to funny! That one! Why am I not surpriced Henrik? And you didn’t even choose my forskin. Nope! Shure, just slam it on the table. oh, not that one. And it’s Mimics turn. oh no! And we still agree on laying down two cards, flip, and the top one is the first? First card you see, is the first card. After flipping the pile. I don’t understand these. (Explaining the two card rule again.) Linda, were ready. Yeah ok, uhh it’s a tough one. It’s gonna be this one. I had nothing that fittet in. Really annoying. Uhh, i got one with a lot of text. I’m, i’m… One moment. It’s about an exhibit. What’s it about? That’s the question. Lovely. Now let’s see. Well, since it’s a Museum of Natural History, then i choose the old people smell. It fits right in. Once again. Ok, you’re just burning tonight Ranger. What has this card done? Shh, quiet, genius at work. I know the type. Ohh yeah, it’s my turn. Just a little innocent card. Sorry. I want to, i want to, i want to. Now, what club did he find? Might be a club I want to join. Of course you’d want to. That would be nice. That I’d rather want to see. I pick that one. I agree with Henrik, sexy pillow fights sounds really… … Sexy? … Interesting to watch. Then it should have to be white, wet t-shirts right? Then it’s perfect. It’s doesn’t say anything about that. Can we switch cards please? (In the background: You are men, after all.) I don’t know, may we switch cards now? It’s been a whole round. Yeah, it has. Yeah ok, everybody can switch up to three cards. I don’t know what this one means. Then switch it out. But there are two. Then remove them both. I can’t, i can only remove one. You can switch up to three cards. Yeah, but I already removed two. Then you have to choose. What does Oedipus Complex mean? You get turned on by mature women. Or mother figures anyway. Then what about “Emaculate”? I don’t know. Then I’ll use this. I’ll keep these. Whose turn is it? My turn. There you go. Nope, it’s the italian. That was the funniest. Poor italians. Yeah i know. They can be relatively scary. I just drew from the wrong pile. Yeah, listen to a mad italian, that’s just… Si man, Si! Let’s se what i got here. Excusi (Bad italian accent) Well, it’s my turn. Yup. Si. Buongiorno Ok, two cards. I’m blindfolded. The lower card, is the first. Oh, i forgot to draw a card. Done. Wait two seconds. I think i put them in wrong order. No, I havent. Yes. Are you ready? Yes. Go. I though i put them in the wrong order, but I didn’t. Now my tongue snapped, it’s going wery well. That’s right. I’m considering this one, but only because I feel sorry for the dragon. Feel sorry for the dragon. I think I choose this one. Couldn’t you have felt a bit more sorry for the dragon?

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