GOD OF WAR 4 (Honest Game Trailers)

The following trailer is rated H for honest From the developers of a series about getting so angry that you murdered an entire mythology’s worth of deities Comes the newest entry in the franchise Where you’ll face your greatest challenge yet: Fatherhood. Dab on the full-body goth makeup of Kratos, the God who destroyed an entire Pantheon with QuickTime events and discover a brand new god of war, as the series takes you from the familiar world of snapping spines and sex mini-games and sunny Greece, to tossing axes and being a [bleep] dad in the frozen north. In a series makeover that matured with its audience But never forgot what the game was really about – solving your problems with violence! Get thrown into the never-ending battle that is Parenthood as Atreus and his bad dad traveled to the nine realms of Norse mythology along with a ragtag crew of magical comrades, to fulfill his mother suspiciously inconvenient dying wish, on a journey so dangerous, it’s surprising fantasy Child Protective Services didn’t show up to take the kid away then watch as Kratos does his best to teach his son how to survive and not grow up to be an all-powerful asshole like his dad. All while struggling through an obvious case of PTSDeity and being such an absentee father that he clearly can’t even remember his own son’s name. Boy Boy, what did I tell you about offering help? Don’t.
Better save up that hacksilver because that kid is gonna need a lot of therapy. Explore the mini treasure filled caves of God of War’s sort of open world as you take time off your epic quest to paddle around a lake, solve puzzles that all conveniently require a magical returning ice axe, desecrate every grave you find, spend 20 minutes throwing an axe at a bird and solve the problems of dwarves and sad ghost men. Despite Kratos whining about how he doesn’t want to the whole time. Sheesh, just let me do my side quest, Dad! Dive face-first into the furious battles of God of War 4 as Kratos receives a brand new combat system to go with his shiny new axe that sets aside the furious mashing of the previous games for a more deliberate combat style Where you’ll balance parries, axe throws, combos and boy to juggle your opponents, knock them into each other and stun them then blow them up with your favorite flavor of Special Attack in a battle system that will make you feel godlike, until you run into a guy with a purple health bar and get absolutely wrecked because I guess being an immortal deity doesn’t mean squat when you’re under leveled. Uncover the real shift in the God of War formula- the RPG elements, as the series follows in the footsteps of every other video game and adds in a splash of Diablo with character levels and stats, craftable armor and enchantments colored by rarity, materials you’ll need to grind and tons of upgradeable moves to find in chests. In an action RPG experience that’s as much about gear builds as it is about kicking ass. There’s nothing that makes me feel like the physical embodiment of war like figuring out how much cooldown a new belt gives me. So strap your son to your back and get ready for an action adventure of monstrous proportions, that did about as well with rebooting a popular franchise as you possibly can and if you don’t like the way they went with it Uh, too bad, cause they’re definitely making like 9 more of these things. Starring: and Dad of Boy You know it’s a good thing Kratos’ enemies never figure out his true weakness small ledges that aren’t painted yellow. Comment below on what you want me to read in my epic voice. When calamity strikes a hero wielding the mana sword shall lead the world toward peace once again Nintendo keeps me entertained never cardboard Jeff Gerstmann is still a threat Mr. Stark. I don’t feel so good

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