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viewers welcome back to human be
preaching humanist with David Oliverio that is coming from the great city of
Austin Texas today will be episode number five entitled God’s love god is
love really with a question mark all love is
what makes the world go around we need love we give love we received no greater
human emotion then love now that I could sing out sing for a little songs about
love but I don’t wanna upset you today so we’re gonna stick with the topic
today not too much singing mostly good old Bible review show today I decided to
use a lot more scripture from your Bible my dear Christian friends more than
usual I want the evidence and I want the Bible to speak for itself I want you to
see the difference of true unconditional human love and we’re going to compare it
with the love that you so call true love never clapping garden so let me give you
quickly definition of love according to Webster’s Dictionary try to talk down
anybody I think we all know what love is love is a strong affection unselfish loyal benevolent concern for other people to
intrinsic in the human animal to love alright show I want to start with a
quote very important quote I like to use not discuss the true nature of love with
Christians a thousand repetitions does not equal the truth it doesn’t matter
how many times you hear a statement made by an individual it doesn’t make a truth
you can hear say falsity many many times so my point is you can go and cheer and
read messages on billboards you could hear from your church over and over
again that God is love god is love how many times have we heard that the
Christian God is love let’s find out what real love is today and let’s
analyze critically scrutinize the Bible and see if this is true lover now I’m gonna start out redeemed from first
job chapter four and I’m gonna be using the good ol holy King James Bible I like
to sound right now brings back memories when I used to preach as a young man so
first John chapter for talks about the level garver seven let us love one
another for lovers of God now there’s one in a reputation that you hear so
often god is love thousand repetitions does not equal a
truth god is love and everyone that love it is born of God and know what God well
I don’t claim to know God I don’t want to know who’s been there done that and I
know what love is and what I challenge christians run talk to you do that right
here you can look me in the eye and tell me how I asked this question do you love
your children and grandchildren more than I love my grandchildren and shelter
I asked Christians at many times and most of them cannot answer me they don’t
want to answer they had to use of course I love my children and grandchildren as
much as you do human in transit he that loveth not knoweth not God for God is
love there’s another surgeon again without
any evidence let’s get down to verse 12 no man if she got in a time if we love
one another guard wealth in US and his love is perfected in us again we will
talk the difference of true unconditional humid love versus the
conditional love found in the Bible couple examples like to use when I
preaching this past year two of my 28 year old son’s best friends from high
school they were like second son’s to me I took the many trips during the summer
along with my son’s I get to know these young men well they both got married
this past year up in Dallas north of here couple hundred miles from Austin I
tend to both of their weddings and make a long story short during the
wedding ceremony is your Christian weddings because they’re Christians the
preacher they can to make strong bold assertions and the first wedding I went
to the preacher said to the young male and the young female who are getting
married the love that you have for one another is not add your own it is from
God here I am in evangelistic over humanist atheist city in the church
having to listen to this talk about self control using my prefrontal cortex that
manufacture self-control and risk-taking I’m having to use every bit of self
control I have to respect for my son’s close friend getting married and I
respect for other humans so the assertion was made again another
repetition god is love that humans can’t love each other without the love of God
so guess what I did my nice big mouth during the reception I approached the
preacher nice guy has said hey good services said you made some pretty bold
still there but the love of God what about us that don’t believe in your God
or any other gods are you saying that we don’t love as well of course he slickly
split here to go he said well I gotta go get ready for some another service he’s
got the same thing happened a few weeks later at another wedding ceremony in a
church different preacher different type of Christian Church the same assertion
was made and statement that the love you have for one another young man young
woman is not have your own it is only from God will unbelievable now another
quick example that’s probably happen to me many times this is a good one I visit
my brother out into Louisiana area in New Orleans area every thanksgiving is a
tradition I go to small town outside of New Orleans the day after Thanksgiving
every year I go to the local gym September personal trainer I stay fit
been working out for forty years as part of my life so I got paid a small fee
every member me your watching James brother from Texas I
go into the gym make a long story short working out go the men’s room the gym
and I go to the hot tub to get good show con after worked out I approached the
hot tub and there is a man about my age in his late fifties with his hands up
like this I can I know what he’s doing he’s praising Jesus just like I used to
do and I said well thank you Jesus for the opportunity to talk to this man
right so I got in there I said hey are you alright what’s what’s wrong with
your shoulder he said all nothing’s wrong my shoulder I’m just praising God
abortion Jesus so did the old system all G with him asked him how he knows for
sure that this guy is real yadda yadda yadda his body came the hotel and
they’re both about my age and/or late fifties we all have kids and grandkids
when I’m beginning to talk to these men like I always do these two men were
getting ready to face very upset with me because I was challenging their
violations so he did anyways they couldn’t come up with any evidence that
point about love I said guys what would you say what would you do if your
children or grandchildren said dad I do not believe in Jesus I do not want to
sure god I’m an atheist agnostic humaneness do they deserve hell both men
now they shook me give me chills up and down my spine I got cheese the multiply
and it got me and they said if my children told me that they didn’t
believe in Jesus they deserve to go to hell now I said guys this is not love
love is 100% forgiveness tolerance and acceptance this is what true love does
that was not love love is complete forgiveness for getting anything done to
you and letting everything go this is what we gonna talk about today now to me after years and years of
preaching reading the Bible study in it for decades and decades I’m going to
preach to you my dear Christian friends the log that your preachers have been
pushing from this book is not real love how do we know this let’s find out what
the book says before we get too small scripture I do want to talk about what
true love is true love issue manat the perfect example is there
is no greater love on this earth known to humankind then a Muslim there is no
greater love than a mother’s love there’s no greater love than parental
love you christiane parents out there you know what love is you know that you
would never hurt your child you would never want them to burn in hell forever
you forgiven you love them why it’s in our biology it’s in our genes that’s
part of natural selection and evolution to have pure altruism the term altruism
you may not be too familiar with its own selfish interest in the welfare of other
people it is also called nepotism when I was a Christian I did not understand
these terms when you begin to think objectively and reach science philosophy
and world history you begin to learn about the natural world and how we live
in how things collaborate together without superstitious magical thinking
such as Christianity nepotism is favoring people in your bloodline your
family shared the same DNA and chromosomes from each parent the degree
of relatedness which is genetics lecture love and nepotism for your offspring
your progeny my question to you my dear Christian friends as I begin to read
about scriptures in the Bible to help expose the true nature of this so-called
loving book and God that your love which is far surpasses what you’ve been told his
true love true love think about your mother we’re not
talking about a female of our species Homo sapiens human beings I’m talking
about a healthy psychologically well-rounded human beings women who are
well-rounded in their mind and healthy psychologically completely loved
children we as humans and not only us but many other species of animals will
guard their young with their life your mother would love you no matter what we
fathers hey we love to no harm done to anybody perfect example of love is not this its
human it’s parental love so nepotism explained that love is action we’re
going to discuss that later we don’t just love in words we don’t just love
and agree with it which we should love is actually action so I’m gonna take the
Bible and I’m going to change versions were gonna go to first two first
Christine’s chapter 13 and I’m going to use the new American Standard Bible all right now this is a letter to the
church at Corinth from Paul the Apostle the second most important figure in the
New Testament Bible Jesus was a number one and number two is Paul the Apostle
he wrote this to a church in Corinth which is a part of greece are at about
two thousand years ago so according to the Bible all Scripture is given by
inspiration of God Christian should believe that it’s in the book so what
Paul right she should believe was inspired by god I like to draw this
little now G or scenario in my mind that Paul here writing this book in this one
particular chapter was using his human mind he wasn’t talking to some
fictitious dad in the sky getting word from God he was actually using his humaneness his
humanity his mind his brain now this is one of the few scriptures actually gramm
left and I give Paul a double thumbs up on 1st Corinthians chapter 13 we’ve been
raised in church to believe that first Corinthians 13 is the book of the Bible
of love right we know John 3:16 for God so loved the world that He gave His only
begotten Son that whosoever believeth in him should not perish but have
everlasting life felt very cool does it sounds flowery sounds loving but you
gotta go on diverse 3436 of the Gospel of John first 3436 why because the
preachers are cherry-picking they’re taken a nice little part of it gives me
the whole picture first 34 36 of John chapter 3 says he that believeth that I
am sent from God Jesus said has life and the father of a thin accepted him he
believed if not that I am the Son of God the wrath yes the wrath and anger of God
abideth tough stuff think so alright so let’s read quickly
what Paul the Apostle said kinda think you might have been influenced by the
Greek and Roman philosophers of the time and I think that the Aristotle Socrates
and Plato influential says was all around Corinth where he was ready to
these Christians Europol said love is patient very good Pauline is patient
love is kind is not jealous love does not brian is not a target does not act
on the company does not she gets owned is not provoked does not take into
account wrong suffered love is patient well boy I’m gonna read your scriptures
here in a moment Old and New Testament I want you line up
this scripture with the true character of God with the rest of the Bible this
is true love thank you brother Paul for you you human is here the rest of
the Bible not too much love is patient very patient daddy love is kind you get
to that is not jealous love is not jealous thank you brother Paul yes
that’s very true according to Scripture your God index chapter 21 giving Moses
the Ten Commandments rotten with his finger on tablet is down and Daniel both
dropped the first set you got to go back into again Moses he went back again
chapter 34 of excellence with the second set of 10 commandments but they were
different this time they weren’t the same as the first set which one do you
follow kristen’s let’s take the one that shows twenty right so God said to Moses
an extra step to $20 shall have no other gods beside me with any questions a jealous God visiting the scenes in
antiquities upon the fathers of their third- and fourth-generation punishing
people your great great great grandkids or something you did that sound too
loving to make God is jealous which makes not lost just got here love is not
jealous love does not brag who really read that the Bible God doesn’t brag wow
it’s not air nor does not act on the becoming it is not seek its own is not
promote and no anger of the Lord and the Israelites provoked the lowered to anger
so many scriptures a talk about that people and if there’s anything you get
from today I’m going to use the scripture itself to speak for itself
today because most of you don’t read this book and that’s what I as a very
strong evangelistic humanist atheists and trying to do and telling you Christians to read your holy book open
up your minds take off to God classes and tried reading this objectively try
reading this book and go through the whole Bible is this
what you do the things that God does to his children would you do that to your
children your to love is not jealous it’s not provoke does not take into
account of wrong suffered forgiveness somebody find you somebody hurts you
somebody calls you names psychologists counsel will tell you humanistic counselors people that are
really educating understand neurology and psychology the mind to study of the mind brain
shots in counseling will tell you let goal of offences when you don’t forgive
someone if they’ve harmed you defended you you’re only hurting yourself and
you’re hurting the other person you’ll true love is love this 100% forgiveness
if my children my 30 year old child my 20 year old child and my two
grandchildren came to me one day which they never will because they’re
wonderful human beings this will never happen because I love them they love me
even though they’re Christians but they love me they accept me for me okay
that’s awesome great people but they did come to me and said dad we don’t love
you stay away from assured atheists humanists and if they called me names
and they repudiated me cut me off and disown me which some people go through
when they leave Christianity it’s sad but it happens some people I’m very
fortunate I’ve got a wonderful family they’re all strong Christians but they
still accept me for who I am you don’t cause they’re wonderful people they love
they don’t agree with me not believe in God they don’t agree with me being
overturned about it because it’s okay for Christians to use freedom of speech
right it’s okay for them to exercise the constitution but when I speak up Yujin freedom of speech using my
individual rights of speaking for me giving opinions on the back bad guy doesn’t work that way people you
can preach so so if my children cut me off I would continue to love them
unconditionally it would hurt like hell but I will continue to love them I would
not want to harm them I would not read get revenge and vengeance is mine sayeth
the Lord I shall we pay and the Lord Jesus shall return in the clouds of
glory with his angels in flaming fire to execute retribution and revenge upon the
second Thessalonians chapter one of already spoken on that one couple weeks
ago great redundancy I’m usually stuff to
get through to Christians come on now put on that thinking cap
remove that helmet of salvation fish chapter six weapons of our warfare and
just allow these little dark that you think are the same thing start shooting
out at you from this man of the devil I don’t have any horns and just a human
being who thinks she’ll love is complete for Guinness alright let’s move along
alright so let me read from Goodell King James Bible let’s talk about what love
is not now again using the premise that a parent’s love is the greatest example
of love pure genetic nepotism unselfish interest in others expression only when
there’s a bloodline I can look at my two little grandchildren three and a half in
one and half year old I look at them the same love my day for my two kids or
adults now in their kids I would do anything for them ok this is what humans do all right
let’s see what this card says Deuteronomy chapter 32 remember he’s a
loving God why because God is love to hear it a thousand repetitions does not
equal a truth about Islam if he’s really love chapter 32 of Deuteronomy verse 39
this is Lord speaking to his children ok see now that I even I am he and there
is no God with beside me kill goddesses I kill what happen to exit chapter 20 shalt not kill you conservatives out
their first ones to go to war kill let’s bomb iraq they got them their own
weapons of mass destruction in iraq attacks start a holy war kill the
greatest weapon against air of any kind is reason alright I kill you know make allies I
wound to heal neither is there any that can deliver out of my hand I lift up my
hands to heaven and say I live for ever if I went my glittering Shourd and my
hand take hold on judgment I will render engines love Wow to mine enemies then kids love is just
complete forgiveness and will reward them that hate me against my nature true human love is just the person need
help let it go let it go first 42 I would make my arrows drunk with blood
and my short shall devour flesh and that with the blood of the slain and the
captives from the beginning of revenge jizz upon the enemy rejoice ru nations
with his people for he will avenge the blood of His servants and again we just
read first group these 13 love is not revenge plot takes no offense somebody
finds you forget you let it go and will render ventures to his adversaries it
will be merciful unto his land and his people unbelievable now couple more speeches
and let the Bible speaks for itself let me just read again this is from your
loving deity numbers chapter 11 verse 1 and when the people the Israelites
complain it did this please the Lord and the Lord heard it and his anger was
kindled and the fire the Lord Burke among them and consume them yeah that’s
right that’s what we do with our children dahmer’s driving just consumed with fire
that’s real love and the Lord shit fiery serpents amongst people numbers 21 per
six I mean from your holy living book launching fiery snakes among the people
these are his people his children they’d if the people in much people of Israel
died that’s right for you little boy gets mad at you you little boy dashell
Beijing runs in his room slams the door that’s right get couple snakes by some
rattlesnakes and go loose them in your little boys room and let us next time
you use this is I know this is so elementary and
rudimentary I’m trying to get true Christians every way I can do you see a
45 47 the Lord form light and create darkness
I make peace and create people love can create evil love cannot tolerate evil
you cannot be evil and perfectly loving I the LORD do all these things should be
he that keepeth back is sore from blood Jeremiah 4810 one more this is pretty
funny I’m gonna Malachi chapter two verse 3 digit the prophets of the Old
Testament speaking the word from God these are just now faces the loving gone
now account chapter two verse 3 behold I will corrupt your seat and spread your
faces your God is going to corrupt your seed and spread poop poop poop on the
faces now anybody that wants to find every action and bloodthirsty stories anything that is totally contrary to
true love can find it in this book true love is 100% forgiveness we’ve
already gone over that love is not I repeat listens closely and clearly see
that have two years let him hear what this preaching humanist the same love is
not a Christian virtue you’ve heard it thousands and thousands of times I can’t
drive anywhere without seeing billboards even here in the only little liberal non
believing island in texas even hear tossed in there still a lot of it around
billboards god is love jesus loves you everywhere it’s not a biblical virtue
it’s a human one no god no Jesus Bible is needed to define love nor to explain
we have it intrinsic in our nature look at the
animal world other than the human animal you try to take a polar bear cub from
its mother polar bear what happened the other day I left a client’s home out in
the Hill Country west of Austin five minutes and a doe a female white-tailed
deer was startled by my presence early in the morning her little fawn
newborn was about 10 feet away she immediately ran between myself and her
baby she was snorting her ears rubbed her baby was struck with fear she was
defending her offspring her project this is in the animal kingdom as well not
only human animals I love the song we’ve all heard for years again thousands of
repetitions the truth right now we’ve heard this over and over again jesus loves me this I know for the Bible
tells me so I’m not a singer songwriter panel plan but we know the song jesus
loves me this I know where is the evidence on there for the Bible tells me
so there’s no evidence Mr preaching human state that Bible says so really I
don’t really see that in your book very much how about this one School Class G drink all the children of the world
jesus loves all the children of the world a tailor children he loves he
loves you if you’re an upper-middle-class family with a good
job a nice little church with people all
come together making good money jesus loves you all the children of the
world red and yellow black and white they are precious in His sight you think
jesus loves little brown boys and girls born in Calcutta India Bombay India in
the slums where they’re drinking from toilets for water where they’re dying of
starvation they can’t find food to survive after from garbage dumps where
is this beautiful loving I just got finish writing another song I’ve got
about eighteen songs and working on my lazy butt going finish stuff I’m a piano
player and songwriter and it’s called where is your god it goes along with
this the residential problem of evil of human suffering 20,000 listen to me this
is a fact 20,000 human beings died on planet earth
every day of starvation malnutrition 20,000 ask yourself this question my
dear friends if you were a god you had all the power in the world you created
everything in the beginning God created the heavens and the earth was without
form and void and darkness covered and God said Let there be like if you had
all this power and you were perfect love love his prescription start things thank
you brother Paul for you and your children this thanks for getting advice
from here philosophy friends he was probably his
kindness ask yourself this question if you are a
guy who claims to be perfect love what would you do with your power and love
and you can look down on him and see 20,000 boys and girls died of starvation
everyday in India in haiti in Sahara Africa in sub Sahara Africa in parts of
central america in other parts where their third world countries up primarily
brown to black people dying of starvation everyday human suffering what
would you do without you just sit there and tolerate little babies dying of
starvation could you tolerate looking down now you’re supposed to be true
perfect perfect love is action perfect love does not sit there in different
shapes I’m not going to do anything because it’s not time for my return I
gotta wait for my Heavenly Father to tell me to go back and get my sense the
second coming of Christ people this is not love love is action just like the
Old Testament allegedly Wait Wait What did God your father due to the
Israelites when they wandered in the wilderness in the Old Testament
Deuteronomy Joshua judges guide them through dropdown bread from heaven and
he dropped down whale and birds and then put the birds but anyways God provided
their needs because he loved them right why hasn’t that happened today where is
this perfect loving deity that you say forced on for God is true love cannot
tolerate human suffering true love would do something true love with drop-down
manna from heaven food if our God has so little boys and
girls around the world dying of starvation algo that’s enough I’m gonna
go fix Reyes dropdown fruit from have to stop these supernatural but it doesn’t
happen today you don’t see anything supernatural it’s all in your mind you bought into
the biggest mythology of all time right here true love cannot tolerate human
suffering and evil it moves to action it feeds and that’s what humanism is people
and I’m offering you again reality christians I’m offering you a way out
and telling you you can still love the fact God believe twenty to twenty-five
years ago I actually and by the way I’m not perfect I’m far from perfect Avalon
faults but you know what I love people way more than a day when I was a
Christian Way more tolerant of humans to hell since I’ve been studying human
behavior to study the human animal studies science history christians true
love is complete for its not revenge it’s not coming back and texture
executing retribution revenge on human genes that decide to not commit civility loving Jesus loving Jesus will for give
everybody was saying you can stay here on earth I’ll take my people to have to place in
heaven no punishment just love each other thank you mister Jesus that’s true
unconditional look at your mama look at your gramma there’s your example of pure
altruism my time is up on going over five minutes as always do my big mouth
gotta remember I used to preach up to an hour now in half and people would listen
to this stuff and I’m trying to give you reality so surely can listen to
thirty-two minutes gone over anyway thank you for watching the preaching
humanist with David Oliverio episode number five remember that no God is required for a
life of love joy peace fulfillment meaning and purpose in life the good
life is guided by reason and motivated thank you very much have a wonderful day
tell other people about it hit me up on you YouTube Shen anything you want to me and
I will talk to you next week same time same station have a wonderful day


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