Kelly, I have to tell you something… What? There’s a reason I go out at night so often I knew it because of that sluts
right Roger? There are no sluts Kelly I need to show you something I’m a superhero Which one? The Ginger Panther! Was I supposed to know that one? Of course you were May I ask how you became this Ginger
Panther? I was completely rebuilt by doctors they put prosthetics in my body
which made me more resistant All my body hair was removed so I could run faster I got heels on my boots that I use as weapons Wait a minute, are you telling me
that you’re a transvestite?! What?! where did you get that from?! You have prosthetics, you’re all waxed, you wear a wig, high heels It’s to fight crime Kelly! To fight crime? May I ask, how does that work? Uh I go to several clubs, bars and parties allover the city looking for bad guys who are planning to do some bad stuff Okay, tell me one thing…when you’re fighting crime do you sometimes have sex with these bad guys? Well yes, but… Yeah, makes sense


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