What? Where am I? So, you’re finally awake Ginger Panther I thought you wouldn’t witness your doomy fate after all the hard work I put in Lord Tomikazu? What are you planning this time? Meet my terrible razor machine Panther That’s your plan? Killing me with a laser? Of course not Panther The laser is only fatal if you’re exposed to it for at least 2 years and if you’re not wearing SPF 50 But at this speed it will only cause you… …little harm Wait a minute, your terrible laser is only ripping through my clothes and giving me a light tan No, you’re also suffering hundreds of micro burns that make your legs completely hairless Did you really think I would drag you here to kill you so easily Panther? You will suffer like you nevr have before What are you going to do to me? Well this is starting to get a bit uncomfortable I bet you weren’t expecting such humiliation Being dressed up as a schoolgirl? Does…anybody expect this? How many people have you put inside this trap? Wait! Has anyone else ever used this thong the machine put on me? Are you trying to blind me? Of course not If I did, how would you see the photos of you I’m sharing on my Whats App groups? Right…yeah…that…that does sound horrible. Oh my god, the machine malfunctioned! And now you’re free… And right here where you have access to all these whips and spanking paddles Oh no! What’s happening here Lord Tomekazu? Now that you’re free I hope you don’t make me pay for how much I tortured you Panther You’re not getting any information out of me Not even if you kick me in the balls with your heels Choke me with that rope on the wall on your left or put me through the embarrassment of dressing me like a baby and and rocking me to sleep Ok…I’m done…I’m leaving.


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