Getting on Board: Episode 1

– I’m very proud of what I do but I think
someone that is not part of that industry I think their immediate perception is
“oh he just plays games all day” Which doesn’t seem professional. – For the outsiders, yeah. – Yeah. – A game designer is someone who starts
from scratch with nothing and they build a game up from there. Usually that process involves some level of brainstorming where they’re
coming up with the idea of how it works. Then they will write the rules and create a
prototype and actually play the game. Usually with just some friends to see if it
actually works. There’s repeated play testing until the
game gets to a point where they’re ready To send it out to a blind playtester
which is someone who playtests a game Without the designer there present. And then finally having that finished Product. That you either self-publish or
submit to a publisher. Part of what draws me to games is the power that we have to tell stories and create experiences and So I try really hard to Make sure that that’s part of my design
process so when I approach games especially after I’ve
kind of discovered that this is what Draws made a game, this is why I’m
passionate about games when I approach My game designs I’m really careful to
think about what I want the theme to be And I explore what I want the feeling to
be when the player approaches the game. For example when in Pass the Buck,
I want them to Have the feeling of being in a Corporate environment where everybody’s
shoving work off onto them. They feel like they’re buried in other people’s
work and the only way that they can get Rid of their work is by shoving it off
on other people and so it’s sort of like Process of figuring out how I can
capture story and emotion through game mechanics like harnessing the game
mechanics in order to enhance the experience. The resistance was the first
game that I really tried to share with the world. I made other games before but
this was the first time I was like this is something that I think is good and I
want people to play it. The resistance originally came about
by me posting it online. Before that I had You know, played Mafia, Werewolf. Had
ideas about how to make it better. P layed it with friends and they surprisingly
really liked it and I wanted other people to play it so I posted it on That’s a site where People can upload print and play games and
so what’s nice about the original version of resistance is that you could
just play it with a set of cards any deck of playing cards so people did that
they printed off my it was literally one or two-page rule set. They played it, they liked
it and what was nice is that you can review games online as well people did
that and that was really cool that was great that was my first thing ever
people liked it so that was neat and more and more people did that and eventually I
got contacted by a publisher which was indie boards and cards run by Travis
Worthington and he asked to publish the game I said maybe, maybe and I talked
some other publishers as well and finally I decided the Travis was the way
to go and so he picked it up and you know we work together on getting the
rules just ride the art just right and about four or five months later it was
it was published to the world. More than ever in history people can be their own
creators. Their own creators, own publishers in control of more aspects of
releasing game than ever before. These Oh yeah here we go
this is some really bad copy that we wroke just to try to help get us in the
right brain space do you have what it takes to manage a kitchen full of angsty
sous chef yes chef can you impress a panel of judges with
your latest creation yes chef and you cobble together something delicious out
of a hot mess yes chef there you go and also not the name of the game
anymore so I had to move out a minute luckily with this being our second
kickstarted game we kind of know what we’re doing this time having gone
through it once before we know a little bit about what stuff we need up front
what stuff we need ready to be able to hit the Go button this game that we’re
working on now is called competition kitchen we’ve been working on it for
about nine months and our within a month of setting up the
Kickstarter for that probably like two to three weeks away yes I mean every
food Kickstarter helps when you don’t have the capital you need up front it
allows people who are interested in the project or the product to voice their
support and not just that but provide monetary support as well to help the
project come to fruition one of the conversations we had before we put 50
cups up was we have to be okay with the fact that we might not make our goal and
what that means is that there isn’t enough interest in this product to make
it sustainable and that might kind of be a gut check and it might suck but if
that’s what it is that we need to know that which would prevent us from going
to a bank securing a lot Hasani okay oh man and you get back and then it falls
flat on its face and we don’t know what to do from there so you get this idea of
like if you fall short it could be because marketing or something like that
and there’s probably a lot of factors that wouldn’t do it but sure it means
that cool you need to come up with a new idea or you need to tweak this idea
because it doesn’t have the support that it needs to exist right which again
sucks but is sometimes true Kickstarter is also really great in community as
well a lot of people who are passionate about board games they go to Kickstarter
and they go what are the new things that are coming out what’s fun and exciting
right now and they’ll take a risk on something and I don’t know if you have a
ton of communities of people who are always willing to do that Kickstarter
can be a place for people with new creative brave ideas to find other
like-minded people to support those and that’s really cool
it’s a weird little platform that thing is there my strategy on Kickstarter
actually was to not look at it you know first I was and I was like then I
stopped and then all I would do then was look at the summary survey since like at
the end of the day or something like that and that was enough Wow until the
last week and then I was like I’ll actually look at this more I had lots of
feedback at the beginning when this was just an idea that nobody is going to buy
this game I feel like the only thing that holds any one box more than anyone
else is themselves and you know if we listen to the people
that tell you know there’s nothing to throw whatever


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