Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood – OP 1【”Again” Cover by AmaLee】

There’s still so much here A life worth living And with time I’ll drown the feeling out I need to right all my wrongs And finish all the things I’ve left undone I had a purpose then Pursuing the path to catalyze our dream But it’s a winding road— Where you stumble and sway your way amongst the crowd Don’t get me wrong, I would never— Go back in time or play God, but… Is there a way I could earn back —that endless sky…? I can see it in your eyes Don’t give me that look —’cause you see, you’re the last person I need… To pity me Crying won’t pave a way to forgiveness Every sin you carve is everlasting! I am lost in a maze of emotion Who am I waiting for now…? These once blank pages of my notebook —become a plea to regain fallen virtue! All this time, I been tryna to run away from— My own reality We’ll live for something As soon as we find it May we come across that future? Can you hear me? I’m screaming Expired chances But we gotta make it through again ‘Cause there’s nowhere else to run It’s through your kindness, I’ll always be grateful And I’ll strive to become stronger (I’m on the way) It’s so nostalgic Maybe all the love is worth the pain

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