Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood Episode 9 REACTION

Hi Guys, I’m Felipe I’m Rafael Now we are going to continue the
reactions of Fullmetal Brotherhood This is Episode 9 We will leave here in the card the playlist with the
previous episodes, after the one checked there. And in the description of the video, you
have the link to the channel of our partner. So that’s it, shall we? Play, please. I hit back. That’s a scolding in him. No Then he says “No” So these two are not alchemists either. They are cops? Armstrong No. Look there Look at this, she looks like a pirate. She is very fucking! She did not do anything. She is awesome What is it. Poor Al That sad… How horrible he can not even drink water. This guy is really cool too. Yes. It’s his daughter’s birthday yet. I really like him, but he’s a very
good person and that’s weird. I like him. And she’s really cool. He is very nice I think he’s really good. If we are suspicious of everyone who is
good, we will not see anything else. When anime talks to you … I will not edit this part … That moment when the anime
touches you in a way … What a spectacular anime Winry is very cool. I want to comment something later … It’s just milk, and your
brother can not eat anything. Oh no! Give a hug to your brother. Hard to know which side you get. “Al” Sad… I say she’s the best person in this anime. For me this was the best episode so far. This episode was very beautiful. Like this… He seemed to be filler … And it was not It was a very important episode. The first part seemed to be filler But the second part was not Yes Nothing in the anime is by chance,
everything makes sense later … Winry was not there just to fix his arm. She went there for the two of
them to understand each other. For the “Al” to understand things That’s why I asked, which side you’d be on. I was on the “Al” side but after seeing
this episode I was on the “Ed” side. You can not stay on anyone’s side. I’m on the “Al” side
because he’s just a kid Like he said, what he’s having is
just information and not memories So because he is a child, it is
normal for him to have these doubts But he had no doubt until now So it’s normal for him to have doubts, but now
we see the “Ed” side, he looks like he was … The part of “Ed” speaking was
very sad, very sad indeed This anime is very sentimental This anime ends with the person. Something else I wanted to say … About episode number 4 My reaction was not so sad, because … I liked Nina, but I did not cling
to the character to find it so sad. If this happened to Hughes’ daughter
it would be much more shocking. Because he imagined Hughes would do
that to his daughter so dramatically. Since we met that character in just one
episode, I did not find it so sad. For me, I could exclude that anime episode. It’s not that I did not like it, it’s that I do not like it
when you play with children, it makes the kids quiet playing. She just wanted to play with the dog. She kept playing with the dog. What a good anime. I’m really enjoying it and
this episode was the best. I do not know why it took me so long to watch this anime. Staff spoke, I watched fullmetal
that you will not regret it. Apart from the emotional part
this episode was also very funny. Now I want to see “Ed” drinking milk. Yes Now there’s that Ishval fight Has the sins and also
the man who is trapped There’s a lot going on. That’s it, if you liked the video leave your like,
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