Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood – Period (FULL OPENING) – (ENGLISH COVER) Swiblet ft. Brandon Fox

*Swiblet explodes* Brandon Fox “Period” from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood When we were ready to just give in Staring down at a seemingly endless path When we stopped, all we could do was take a deep breath The victory was within our reach when it suddenly slipped away Now there is nothing that’s left for us to lose And nothing can stand in our way These strong bonds that tie our hearts They will never break apart With our bonds, we’ll make it through right from the start (Woah) And together we will fight With victory not far from sight I won’t stop or hide where the period lies (Guitar solo) The warmth coursing within my being Is a memory that I will keep seeing I’ll hold on, onto these memories, they won’t leave me The promise that I made I’ll fulfill, bring you with me One day we’ll be whole once again All our dreams are embraced, I will write a song someday Don’t avert your eyes from me, just keep your eyes on reality With the courage and the strength, we will succeed With the strength that you give me, my tired lungs can finally breathe Running side by side, hand in hand with destiny (Woah) Look at the path that lies ahead (Woah) It’s a big sparkling world, world This great roar that shakes in me breaks the silence of my dreams I will not betray the cheers that I foresee (the cheers that I foresee) Through the pain we will survive, gain the strength to stay alive Fighting for the day where the period lies At our fingertips, the truth that lies ahead Hey, did you like this song? Then consider supporting on Patreon so I can transmute together more songs like this! Much more importantly, did you like those guitars, drums, and that one voice that wasn’t me? Then you should totally check out Brandon Fox who worked tirelessly to make this thing as good as it was! Thanks for listening and make sure you migrate on over in time for the next video! See you there!


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